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I started to love contouring when it give such a big different on my face. I still hunting for the best contouring that will be my holy grail product. I usually prefer contour in powder form instead of creamy because I'd prefer natural contouring plus I can control the amount. So, today I has decided to give play 101 stick a try. The Play 101 Contour Duo Stick is a simple, lightweight and convenient contouring tool. Now, we know why, this contour stick is always out of stock because it super friendly product.

It comes in a simple duo stick form with the name of the product in the center. The contour duo stick is double ended, the white one acts as a highlighter while the other is for contouring.

The length of contour and highlight stick, I think quite a bit because there's alot of empty space that can be use. =,=

As you can see from the picture above, the highlighting shade is white with only a hint of shimmer. You might afraid by the colour because the colour are too white but when it's blended out, the colour will spread out and give a nice highlight. Aside from that, the contouring shade is a brown color with the slightest orange tone to it when swatches. Once it was all blended out, the colour still give me an orange feel and it didn't really look as warm-toned shade. 

Both creamy stick glide on smoothly underneath powder either using hands, brushes or sponges, I'd prefer using a sponge,  but it will look cakey once it blended out on top of powder. So, before using blush powder or face powder, make sure to use this first before that.

Picture below shown is how I use Play 101 contour duo stick.

After 3 hours application, the contour started to fade as well as the highlight. Under hot weather, this is not the best product as it is not long-wearing. It might perform better in colder weathers. If you are living under hot weather like myself, you can put a light layer of powder-type bronzer on top of this product. 

Overall, I think this is a nice product except the orange tone which I am not prefer. I believe,it does give me slightly a slimmer illusion which make it very natural on my face. It also very friendly user and can be one of on-the-go product to me. So, you won't missed out any contour or highlight part. Besides that, this contour duo is definitely a great investment for beginners who want to have contouring and highlighting without any worries and frustration. 

It's definitely a life saver product which you won't missed out contouring time.

Brand: Etude House
Product Name:  Play 101 Stick Contour Duo
Type: All skin type
Size: 1.7g x 2
Made in: Korea
Effect: Highlighting and shading
Where you can get:  HERE  l   HERE

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