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REVIEW- Pony Effect Conceptual Eyes Quad and Outfit Velvet Lipstick (#BE ROMANTIC AND #SOMEDAY SOMEWHERE)

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Hi loves! I’m here again with another review for you today and it's Pony Effect Conceptual Eyes Quad and Outfit Velvet Lipstick from korean makeup artist, Pony. I also saw from Pony Effect Official Instagram, Pony has been releasing a lot new stuff for Pony Makeup Line and I am so gravitate to try them all especially their liquid lipstick. I have a serious obsession toward liquid lipstick recently, and up until now, I still a huge fan of liquid lipstick.

There are 6 Conceptual eye quads to choose from #Innocence, #Lively, #Be Romantic, #So Gorgeous, #Eternal Seduction, and #Am Brown. I pick for myself which is #Be Romantic. As for Outfit Velvet Lipstick, there are 10 colour to choose and I pick in the shade #somedaysomewhere. But, first, let's start with eyeshadow.

All the color combinations were so pretty and I had such a hard time picking one only! You know, girls?


In term of packaging, Pony totally beat the market. Look at how gorgeous the packaging. They are not black but come in a dark navy and rose-gold compact that extremely small and compact. This palette has a secure magnetic closure that makes opening and closing are more easier and secured. It can be open up to 180 degrees and also you can adjust the angle as desired. The palette also feel like a rose gold plated plastic and not a steel.

The size of this eyeshadow palette is about the size of my palm and perfect for travelling and contain 4 eyeshadow pans. It has a mirror inside, so it's a bonus. The palette weight 6g, so each eyeshadow pan has 1.5g of product. If you are really want to depot them, yes proceed with that because the shape is extremely zig zag lightening logo through the center.

#Be Romantic contains mostly warm shades in the pink/rose-gold which perfect for romantic and feminine makeup looks.

Love Me is warm peach gold shimmer or could be a highlight shade. You can used it as highlight at inner corner of your eyes or might around your cupid bow area or brow bone area.

Roses is warm matte peachy colour which is nice for natural eye makeup. It's also great for transition color around the crease area.

Moment is a shimmery golden brown color. 

Doom is the deepest shade in this palette and the most pretty colour that catch my heart. It's more to matte dry rose pink mauve.

This palette contain two shades of matte finishes and another two shades has shimmery finishes. Roses and Doom are matte, while Love Me and Moment are shimmer. I'd personally love matte eyeshadow and Doom will be my favourite shade from this palette.

All the shadows are so buttery, smooth and has a great pigmentation Two shimmer eyeshadow are the most intense compared to the matte shades when I swatches. The matte one need to swatch a couple of times to build the colour, but I still love Doom because it definitely can be buildable. Truth be told, the shimmer shade were amazing and I have no complaint for it since the shadow itself very pigmented. The shadows does not has too much fall out especially the shimmery shade and also long-wearing with no creasing

Overall, the conceptual Eyes Quads is great palette to try out. All the shadow contain in this palette very promising, silky and buildable. Majority, all the shadow apply very smoothly onto the lids. Some of shimmery shadows are so great and highly pigmented but the matte shades is a bit chalky, but you still can build them up. For me, the palette has a good combination in terms of colour and shade.

Also want to hightlight here is that most of korean eyeshadow, they're a bit sheer and less pigmented compared to Western. So, definitely, don't expect that these shadow can compete the western style. For me, this palette is amazing because the pigmentation are more better for Korean eyeshadow brands.

Brand: Memebox Pony Effect
Capacity: 6g
Made in: Korea
Where you can buy:
Price at RM110.00

Move on to lipstick. The packaging almost the same concept like Conceptual Eyes Quad eyeshadow. The packaging is amazing even just by looking at outer or cardboard alone. Just by looking at the packaging, we know Pony really put a lot of effort even just packaging. Previously, in ''that girl" collection, there's only 3 lipstick but in this collection there's 10 shades available, which is pretty crazy. I had a hard time to choose one out of ten lipstick that they have in their collection. I wish to get all of them..haha


It's a bit bulky for lipstick but I still like it since it remind me about YSL lipstick. lol There is some weight to it even the lipstick itself made of plastic. It might comes from the magnetic closure that hidden inside.

On top of the lipstick, it has zig zag lightening shape, for me it's really creative. The packaging itself has their own advantages which even though you place the lipstick inverted, it still can stand alone. The length is about the size of my palm.

Someday somewhere is a semi-matte and soft velvety texture lipstick which it is more to nude dusty rose colour with slightly pink tone. I also think that this is a dupe for Mac kinda sexy, I guess. We know, “MAC Kinda Sexy” is one of the most popular MAC lipstick shades. Most of the times, it’s out of stock and you have to put your name on the waiting list to get your hands on this lipstick. So, i think this is  great alternative.

Someday Somewhere is still easy to apply straight from the bullet, and the colour distributes evenly. It has an almost velvety finish, feeling soft and smooth on the lips. I love the fact how semi-matte it is. It doesn’t look chapped and dry at all. I don’t find them drying at all. This lipstick shade is very sophisticated and great match for everyday lipstick.

It's creamy and spread easily. Since it is more to creamy side, the lasting power are not that great. If you were not eating or drinking, these lasted about a good 6 or 7 hours before faded, but if you were eating, it will last almost 3 hours only. Lasting power of these are just like any other velvet creamy lipsticks, so, I don't complaint much about this.

It has floral fragrance which barely noticeable and nothing overpowering.

Overall, I like the colour so much. I don't find any cons about it but for matte lipstick lover, you might hate this lipstick. Sometimes. I have bad chapped lips, so I really need this type of lipstick in my life as saviour. The pakaging and the magnetic closure gives it that luxury touch is definitely a benefit. I'm happy with these lipstick, it's pigmented and velvety finish. This product is fabulous and would repurchase when I run out.

Brand: Memebox Pony Effect
Capacity: 3.5g
Made in: Korea
Where you can buy: 
Price at RM78.32


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