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IT Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette, Lipstick and Face Palette l Review and Swatches

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If you followed Sephora Malaysia on Instagram, you might have seen they had just launched IT Cosmetics on their website. You can buy them NOW here

So, today review will be 3 product from IT Cosmetics which is It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Essentials Matte Luxe Transforming Eyeshadow Palette, Your Most Beautiful You™ Anti-Aging Face Palette and Blurred Lines Smooth Fill Lipstick in Je Ne Sais Quoi.


The It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Essentials Matte Luxe Transforming Eyeshadow Palette is a new Spring 2016 eyeshadow palette that contains six shades of It Cosmetics Matte Eyeshadow. Every shades contain in this palette are be made to fit your natural eye makeup style for everyday wear.

The eyeshadow contain hydrolyzed collagen, real silk, peptides and No-Tug Technology which smooth out and neutralizes for younger-looking lids.  

This palette is about the size of my palm, and is encased by a sturdy cardboard component with magnetic closure. This seems fit for travel, but be careful not to exposed it with any surface that kinda wet. This palette holds six matte eyeshadows and one Transforming Hello Light shade that softens the shades of the palette and gives them a satiny finish.

The shades 
Imagine: Matte silk beige (0.028 oz / 0.80 g)
Wonder: Matte nude khaki (0.028 oz / 0.80 g)
Dream: Matte desert sand (0.028 oz / 0.80 g)
Passion: Matte nude taupe (0.028 oz / 0.80 g)
Intrigue: Matte earthy sepia (0.028 oz / 0.80 g)
Allure: Matte smoky gray (0.028 oz / 0.80 g)
Transforming Hello Light™: Radiant pearl (0.064 oz / 1.82 g)

These swatches were completed on natural light without primer. I used my finger for the swatches. If you can see the photos, Passion is the only one that doesn’t show that much on my hand, so I did put an effort for this, so that the colour are show up. 

Apply Passion all over the lids and also under eyes

Take Intrigue and apply all over the lids and also under eyes

Apply Allure which the most darker shade and apply just a little bit at outer corner of your eyes to create dimension of larger eyes.

Fill your waterline with black eyeliner and take Allure and smudge out the eyeliner.

Use your favourite eyeliner and lines your eyes

Apply mascara and your eyes makeup is done!

The consistency of the shades is nice and pleasure to use. IT Cosmetics definitely excels at creating soft and silky matte eyeshadow that are easy to apply and blend.  They are not chalky at all and has great pigmentation. 

However, for my own personal preferences for eyeshadow palette, I don't need or want the entire palette filled with white or beige shades.  When I apply Imagine, Wonder, Dream and Passion, the colour show the same on my lids. If you have yellowish skin tone like me, you've might found the palette are just mediocre. For someone who has cooler skin tones might find this palette an ideal pick. The Transforming Hello Light shade can be used as eyeshadow or hightlight. The pigmentation, as always, very pigmented.


At first look, they look like an ordinary lipstick. They look clear on top but the tube has holographic design feel on it.

We know IT Cosmetics, most of their makeup lines contain anti-aging and this is contain the same ingredient too. Contains Collagen, Peptides, Hyaluronic Filling Spheres, Shea Butter, Jojoba and Grape Seed Extract to nourish the lips, smooth out the appearance of lip lines, and add color to the lips.

Here, I have Je Ne Sais Quoi which is a new shade release by IT Cosmetics and the colour most likely a sheer pink colour.

The texture almost feel like lip balm

They feel very moisturizing on the lips. It feel like you wear lip balm eventhough you are actually wearing lipstick.  They’re part of lipstick, part of lip gloss, they comfort my lips like a lip balm and easy to wear. The pigmentation is mediocre ( because they're moisturizing lipstick, so the pigmentation quite sheer). This is great for everyday lipstick, the colour are not too strong and it keep your lips hydrated and treated at the same time.

The lipstick doesn't has strong smell, so if you are sensitive to fragrance/flavor, this will not effect you.


This is one of those products that remind me of why it's sometimes worth every penny to splurge on high end products.  WHY?

The palette very big, sturdy and can last almost your entire life ( If you are not highlighting and contouring girl). The packaging looks very appealing to me because first and foremost I love Black. Secondly, it is designed very simple and sleek and has logo infront. I also love the fact that it comes with a large palette and large quality mirror.

In the palette, it has Anti-Aging Matte Bronzer, Radiance Luminizer & Brightening Blush Palette

  • Live - Luminizer (0.19 oz / 5.51 g)
  • Laugh - Bronzer (0.39 oz / 11.04 g)
  • Love - Blush (0.20 oz / 5.67 g)

Every pan comes in this palette are totally big. It's insane for me on how to finish it since I am a girl who are always switch my makeup product.

The bronzer are more to warmer side without looking too orange on my skin. The blush is a very pinky peach shade with just a hint of golden shimmer and the highlighter or illuminating powder are more to satin side and not glittery. The palette almost reminds me a lot about Sleek Makeup Face Form in Light Shade. The colour combination almost same and the texture feel on it also same. I think this is the dupe for drugstore brands. So, if you're looking for cheap alternative that function the same like this product, I truly recommend Sleek Makeup Face Form in Light.

All shade in this palette had a good amount of pigmentation, easy to blend and build up. It is not chalky, smooth, creamy and glides on easily on my skin. The powder has acceptable scent that isn't too strong.




All the shades not only looks pretty in the pan, but when you dust on your face, it provides natural glow that looks so pretty on the skin. Aside from that, the ingredient contain in this palette, totally a plus point.

  • 3-in-1 must-have palette with Drops of Light Technology™ for the naturally pretty look of vitality
  • Matte bronzer warms your complexion, radiance luminizer creates a lit-from-within glow & brightening blush restores your youthful flush of color
  • Talc-free, highly pigmented, ultra long-wearing shades
  • Anti-aging hydrolyzed collagen, silk and peptides!



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