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I have another product to review for you. It's cheap and affordable.

Brand: Skinfood
Product Name: Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake
Size: 4g
From: Made in Korea

So you have choice of Grey Khaki Black or Grey Brown. I choose Grey Brown because the shade provides natural eyebrow effect. This eyebrow powder comes with a small brown palette, sturdy packaging and there's compact mirror and applicator inside.

In term of price, this is definitely cheap. Only RM15 and you will get two shade of eyebrow powder.

The applicator quite stiff and harsh for my own personal preferences. I rather to use eyebrow brush which much slimmer and precise. 

According to the website, they claim that the product contains real chocolate inside. I really cannot verify it by taste it but the powder itself does smell like pure dark chocolate.

The powder cake is not as pigmented like eye shadow palettes. The pigmentation is very light. I swatches couple of times in order to show the colour on the photos. The powder it self is a little bit on powdery side but the pigmentation are still acceptable. The powder cake has two shades which is brown and grey. You can mixed both colour too.

This eyebrow powder is matte

Left: brown  Right: Grey

This product  really does a job in filling empty space on my eyebrow. This powder will be perfect for a girl with a thick eyebrow. It give you natural eyebrow that does not look fake at all. It's look natural and perfect for everyday eyebrow. The best part is it's extremely easy to use and the price is also cheap. The staying power is medium because it's not waterproof so your eyebrow will fade after 4 or 5 hours..

However, if you are looking for thick and precise eyebrow shape, this product is not for you.

So what do I think about Skin Food Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake?

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  1. WHAT????? Only 15????? I am running to Skinfood soon!!!


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