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Review Silkygirl Matte Junkie Lip Cream 01 and 04

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If you wish going back into this era, you've might be introduced by matte liquid lipsticks which is super popular right now! These aren't new in the makeup world, but they have have been made popular again by certain celebrity such as queen of matte lipstick, Kylie Jenner. So, many beauty company took the opportunity to manufacture matte liquid lipstick, not only high end brands and some affordable makeup brands, such as Colourpop.

Personally, I'm not really fan of liquid lipstick because my lips tend to be dry and flaky. But, after try so many brands of liquid lipstick, I am kinda addictive with the texture and opaque colours.

I am super excited when I know that Silkygirl ( Malaysian brand), they come out with their own liquid lipstick. So, I told myself! ''Girls! Go grab them!''. When they first launch it, these Matte Junkie Lip Creams have been sold out everywhere and thank you people for making me really gravitate to buy them.

There are 5 shades in the range, and I got mine in the shades 01 Retro and 04 Vintage. These aren't my usual kinda colour but since I am in the mood of dusty rose colours, so, I got them. 

 The applicator is like your usual sponge-tipped doe foot applicator, which it pick up a decent amount of product.

 By just looking at swatches, you'll know how opaque the colours are. Leave it a minute, and it's dries completely matte. This means that you have to quickly spread the product before the product sets into matte.

It's really easy to get the colour on the lips, but I found out that, it hard to spread the colour evenly with one coat which I ended up putting double layer on it.  It's really recommended that, do not spread the product back once it set into matte. After the product sets on lips, it settle into lightweight lips cream which make me feel like I am not wearing a lipstick at all. That's plus point. But, it seems to be quiet drying where it suck all the moisture out of my lips. If your lips are too dry, this isn't good at all.

As for colour, I am quite happy with my choice this time. Usually I ended up buying red lipstick but I am really attracted by the colour instead of red.

The colour stays for about 4 or 5 hours without eat or drink. If you do take your meal, then definitely the colour will disappear after that.

 All in all, for a product that cost me just under RM20, I’m really not complaining very much. The shades that I love the most is 01. All the colour quite fits for everyday makeup especially 01.


BRANDS: Silkygirl

PRODUCT: Matte Junkie Lip Cream

PRICE: RM21.90

SHADES AVAILABLE: 01 Retro, 02 Glamour, 03 Rebel, 04 Vintage and 05 Vixen

AVAILABILITY: Major local pharmacies – Guardian, Watsons etc 


  1. How nice that these worked for you, I got the one in the red (Vixen) and I really didn't like it. It crumbles within the first hour and all I did was drink water out of a bottle... Too bad...

  2. oooh i love the colours, especially the vintage one ! <3



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