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Today we're going to do review about the well-known Japanese makeup brand which is Canmake Tokyo.They have wide varieties of makeup products that have been love for years. Canmake Malaysia sends me some of their product to try. Though it wasn't my priority to do a blogpost about this but I just feel that I need to do one blogpost. This is how I showed my appreciation everytime PR Company sending me their product. I really appreciate. So, I am so happy that I get the chance to try some of their product. Despite on how cute they look, I play around with the the swatches and do my own version makeup look and absolutely some of them are really a good product. Curious about that? So, let's jump into the review!

What we have here is:
1. Canmake Airy Cover Fit Foundation 01 - RM69.90
2. Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks 07 - RM50.90
3. Canmake Your Lip Only Gloss 02 - RM42.90
4. Canmake Nose Shading Powder 02 - RM56.90
5. Canmake Natural Chiffon Eyebrow 02 - RM39.90

Most of Canmake's products are designed with petite size for convenience to bring around even in the smallest cosmetic pouch, to fit in a handbag.

Canmake Airy Cover Fit Foundation SPF45 PA+++ 01 - RM69.90  FOR A SET (FOUNDATION CASE + REFILL + SPONGE + OIL-BLOTTING PAPER)

First and foremost, I'm not a big fan of powder foundations in general because I prefer my face to look dewy rather than matte. I always skip putting on any powder on my face after I apply cushion foundation. So I'm looking for a great powder that claims a light finish without get rid off the dewiness

As always, canmake's product, they have pretty packaging! The case itself has floral design and give a bit of French style. The case slightly smaller than my other compact powder and it has mirror inside. The puff which comes with the refill and oil blotting paper, feel very soft and fit perfectly in the case.

The texture feels very smooth and velvety. It looks natural and easy to blend it. Does not gives me any white cast effect. Another method to apply the foundation is by wet-press method, it also give similar effect when applied wet. However, it doesn't stay long on the skin and start fade away after 2 or 3 hour application.

This is oil blotting powder that comes with the case and refill. It has gold leaf ingredient inside the blotting oil paper. Because my face are not oily, so I test it on my brother face and it catch the oil like always.

 Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks 07 - RM50.90

Next, product is a must to own. Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks comes in 7 types and I got in 07 It comes with a sturdy light plastic which is very compact making it really easy to carry around.

It has orange blush at the center and around it, it has pink and yellow blush. The blush is not matte but has shimmery and glittery hint to it but not to overpowering. The brush comes with the product is actually very good tools because the bristle very soft and pick the right amount of product. I'm quite surprise because usually the tools that pair with the product sometimes look very cheap and 'plastic' but not this one.

 Application of the blush very easy and stick into the skin without look cakey on the face. One swipe is actually pigmented enough for the colour to appear on the skin but still can be buildable if you want more vibrant blush look. The texture feels very soft and velvety. The blush last for about 3 or 4 hours depend on climate. It is not waterproof, so the colours fade away but still leave the glitter on the skin.

 Canmake Nose Shading Powder 02 - RM56.90

I would say that the shading are too chalky and a bit off in term of pigmentation. It's not accentuate the nose bones and not a favourite for someone like me who love contouring. If you can see from the swatches , the shading powder is very subtle and it doesn't stand out at all. However, the highlight is a boom. It's really pigmented and give nice translucent. I don't know why they made into this way. This palette is great for natural and everyday make up look.

Somehow, I'm curious, does Japanese girl have small nose which make them skip contouring routine? LOL

The highlight is boom and I feel that I need more glow. Good Morning glowing disco face.

Canmake Natural Chiffon Eyebrow 02 - RM39.90

The packaging as always compact and pretty yeppeun!

The pigmentation is great for a natural brow style as it claim. Brush palette contains in the palette is easy to use but you still need another brush to apply as it looks quite unpromising for a longer period use. You can slowly build color as you prefered. It feel less chalky, perfect amount of pigmentation and sometimes I use this eyebrow palette to contour my nose. lol

Natural eyebrow look

Canmake Your Lip Only Gloss 02 - RM42.90

Pink doe foot applicator in a sturdy tube packaging.

can you see the glitter?

No scent, not greasy, feel sticky, feel like a normal transparent lip gloss. For the first application, it might seem a normal lip gloss but after 3 minutes the colour change into soft pink but not too obvious on the lips. It create natural plump lips.

Underneath the lips gloss, I wear red lipstick

I hope you enjoy this post and find it helpful for you! Go checkout Canmake Tokyo at your nearest outlet that selling Canmake product! Let me know if you any other Canmake Tokyo products you recommend me to try! 

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