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Physicians Formula Happy Booster Powder Translucent Review and Swatches

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Did you feel happy once you looked at this stuff? You should!LOL

The powder actually comes in several variations including bronzer, translucent, light bronzer, and even a beige shade. Here, I got translucent, but hold on tight because since that, this is a powder, you shouldn't apply it as finishing powder or to apply all over your face as what its claim. You don't want your face to look like a disco ball. For me personally, when I looked first into it, this is most like a highlighter.

It has a pleasant scent which makes you feel happy when you smell it, it is a bit of an aromatherapy scent.

This comes with a metallic hot pink with dual compartment cases which have the powder on top and a full size mirror and brush. As we all know, all physician formula product kind of bulky but still cute indeed

The texture is fairly soft and applies evenly and smoothly over the skin. There is a very small amount of glittery in the product. If you don't like glittery things, you might dislike this product as the glitter sometimes spread out from the place that you used to highlight. It also does not apply transparent as it slightly pearlish and glittery glow. Do not expecting that it will transparent as it leave you with a pearl/glitter-like highlighter.

With a very good pigmentation, the powder blends out beautifully and easily without any trouble. I also not find that it emphasize pores or imperfections in the skin’s texture at all. The glow isn’t really strong, just suit for natural highlighting makeup look. The pink heart does add a bit of glow to my face and the other shades offer natural highlighting effect. 

After six hours, I started to see some signs of fading. 

The bad one is the brush included which is very awful. Scratchy and look very cheap made. I actually impressed with the design. I think the powder is well made as the heart design still feels untouched even after a few uses; it’ll remain for a while.

As you can see from the swatches, it did have a very good pigmentation which give you a very nice natural glowing skin.

All in all, the heart design really sells the product. It does provide a very nice natural glow onto the skin but the glittery/sparkly thing contain in the powder sometimes slightly unappealing.


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