Elianto Satin Matte Rouge Lipstick and Mono Eyeshadow Review, Photos and Swatches

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It's a lied that you never try Elianto brands before. Most of Elianto product is quite CHEAP, easily accessible and pretty affordable especially if you are beginners in makeup and sometimes they also do massive warehouse sales in Cheras, especially. I saw not many people do a review about this brands, so I decided to do a review and share my thought about their product. So,let's jump into the review.

Elianto Satin Matte Rouge Lipstick 01 & 02
Elianto Mono Eyeshadow B141 Wood & B452 Aqua

Elianto Satin Matte Rouge Lipstick 01 & 02

''elianto Satin Matte Rouge lipstick give your lips glamorous and intense colour in a satin matte finish.Unlike convientional matte formulas this emollient formula contains a Soft Melting Scructure with an Elastomeric Polymer and gellifying agent,allowing it to glide easily so your lips stay smooth,fresh and comfortable''

Anyway, there seemed to be 6 colors in total that were a satin matte finish, and I picked up 2 which 01 and 02. The colour selection for satin matte range is not much and more focus on to deep colour such as red instead of nude colour.

The packaging is very plain and simple with a sturdy black tube. Considering the price, it's normal and I won't complaint much. Sometimes when cheaper brand create a product, they have to sacrifice for the packaging and more focus on the product inside.

This is what the colors look like on my arm. 

They went on creamy and smooth, and have a nice actual satin matte finish. It was incredibly rich and creamy and really glided on my lips like melted butter.  Since it satin, it won't make the lips dry. They are moisturizing, have a nice semi matte, and last about 3 or 4 hours application with a meal in between before they begin to fade away.  However, if you have chapped lips, it will noticeable. So, exfoliating the lips before use is a must.  It feels light on the lips and applied very well. Eventhough the price is quite cheap, I found out that the colour is well pigmented.

Elianto Mono Eyeshadow B141 Wood & B452 Aqua

I am really into brown and blue colour, so I decided to picked up this 2 colour. I think they have 19 shades of eyeshadow, starting from bright colour to dark colour which is black.

B141 Wood is a dark brown colour with copper shimmer while B452 Aqua is a bright shimmery aqua blue colour.

As you can see from the photos, the cap is broken. lol

The texture is surprisingly nice and I think they did a good improvement. The shadows are less chalky, soft and nicely pigmented especially 'Wood''. It glides on easily and make the application become easier. Since the colour quite pigmented, so you don't need multiple swipe for this. Without a primer, they last for about 6 hours.

This definitely one of the nicest budget makeup.With a very low price point, you'll get pigmented product and soft and creamy lipstick. They didn’t exactly blow my mind or anything, but they did pleasantly surprise me with the quality and price. If you are on a budget or you want to experiment with colour, I really recommend this product to try


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