16Brand Fingerpen Review, Photos and Swatches

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16Brand is all about BIG, BOLD COLOUR and super glowy result. If you love this kind of makeup style like I do, you should try this product too. I know about this brand from YouTube when I watch advertisement video and these products looked amazing especially pretty model swatches the product. lol

I found out that this brand is quite hard to find via online, only certain retail store selling this product. Good news! 16brand by Chosungah is now available at Guardian Malaysia. YES!

Today I will review their famous Fingerpens, which are multi-purpose products where you can used it as lipstick, lip tint, lip gloss, lip balm, eye shadow and even as a blusher. There is a really wide range of colours and I really looked forward to try another product, for surely.  They were sold individually and were retails at RM45.90 each.

I have
1. Gangs pink (Matte)
2. Pink shot (Matte)
3. Berry Red ( Shine)
4. Poppy Red ( Matte)
5. Orange Red ( Shine)

I love the design which is compact and easy to carry around. The pen itself almost looks like a normal pen. The bad thing is that I don't like how they label the colour. For example the blue fingerpens, I almost believe that the colour is blue. I wish that the colour indicator was printed clearly based on the colour so that no people will misunderstood about it. I don't understand why they didn’t name the actual colours. The star indicator does not helping me either.

They comes with a soft sponge tip applicator, almost feel like a cushion and there's a click on the other end which is used to dispense the product out. You can handle how much the product when you click the dispenser and the sponge hold on the cream very well. The issue was you cannot see on how much the product left inside and it is quite hard to get a precise application because the cushion is round shape. I applied the product using a brush, if you want to know.

All matte fingerpens have a very creamy formula while 'shine' has a watery formula. All colours are highly pigmented and easy to blend either using a brush or the sponge itself.  This product also has a really pleasant fruity scent. If you don't like the scent, don't worry, the scent will be lessened after that.

All swatches were made under direct sunlight. I went to wash my arm after the swatches and they left stain especially 'poppy red'. The darker colour left stain behind and the lighter colour is almost gone.

The picture below is how the product looks on my lips.  One coat is enough for darker colour but for lighter colour, you'll need to apply again because the pigmentation is quite sheer. It does take time to fully dry. If you want to know matte version are not really matte. They feel a bit watery and takes time to fully dry and it will transfer a bit, but it stays put pretty well and didn’t crease or get patchy. Since the formula is a bit watery, it won't make your lips dry at all.  If you have flaky lips, these not look good at all and make your dry lips more noticeable especially matte fingerpens.

The lasting power quite impressed. It stay put up to 8 hours if you are not taken your meal. If you do, it will leave you a beautiful stain and the colour still there.

FM01 Gangs Pink is a pretty nude pink colour. This definitely looks nice for lighter skin tone.

FM02 Pink Shot is a bright pink colour. The pigmentation is nice and the colour stay long.

FS05 Berry Red is a plum berry colour. This does has a shiny formula but not really noticeable like FS01 Orange Pink.

FM03 Poppy Red is my favourite colour from all. The colour are not really bright red. It does have a bit of orange tone in it.

FS01 Orange Pink is pink colour with gold shiny formula. You can use it a blusher/highlighter. Compare with all fingerpens, Orange Pink has the most watery consistency. It feels very runny and the pigmentation is quite sheer.

You also can mix and match the colour. 

Cute packaging
The dispenser make it easy to control the amount.
Easy to blend and creamy texture
Has a nice fruity scent
Easy to create gradient lips by mix and match the colour

Lack of colour indicator
Not good for dry lips. Need to exfoliate the lips before use the product.

Price: RM45.90/PC
Where you can get: Available exclusively at Guardian Malaysia


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