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It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream Review, Photos & Swatches

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I've been using this moisturizer for a very long time and I would say I am really enjoyed using this moisturizer so much. So, this post is specially dedicated to my favourite moisturizer for this moment. *drum rolls!

Confidence in a Cream is a moisturizer that suitable for all skin types’ even sensitive skin. It has a great formulation in it that able to keep your skin hydratedrestores radiance, reduces the appearance of pores, and uneven skin tones and discolourations.

First, let's talk about packaging! This comes with a heavy and bulky jar. Some people hate this kind of packaging because the exposure to the germ and prefer in a tube. You might want to grab spatula for this. For your info, even though you are using a spatula, it is still exposed to the air once opened.

The texture of the cream is very thick and consistent, and surprisingly does not leave any white residueIt’s packed with amazing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, ceramides, and other antioxidants. The cream has a scent that quite strong which reminds me of lemon grass scent.

I use it as a day cream especially before I continue with my makeup. It give an extra hydration to my skin, makes my makeup easy to wear especially base makeup, and it give a light moisture and not greasy. I also feel my skin fresh and it has dewy-looking glow. The creams  absorb very fast.  I would say it melts to my skin just like a sunscreen.

I'm not sure how these creams react to sensitive skin even though they said it suitable for all skin types, since the cream has a fragrance. This cream might not suitable for sensitive skin, surely.

Creamy texture and contain hydrating ingredient.
Contain lots of amazing ingredients.
Make my makeup apply easily
Feel extra moisture to the skin.
Leaving my skin fresh

Jar packaging
Contains fragrance
Not suitable for all skin type


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