NUDESTIX Galentine's Day 6 Piece Lip + Eye Kit Review, Photos and Swatches

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Hi Everyone!! Today I will review Galentine's Day 6 Piece Lip + Eye Kit from NUDESTIX. This set is available at (link). To be honest, I’m not really fan of makeup that comes in pencil form as the texture quite thicker, hard to blend and makes my makeup patchy and cakey.  I do have many pros and a few cons to the products, so keep reading if you want to know whether or not you should spend your money on these!

Firstly, let's talk about the packaging. I actually love this concept where this comes with a sturdy matte black tins and all product store inside. Since that this is a kit, they don't come with single tins like they always do. Every pencil comes with it own instructions and there's sharpener and mirror inside which I found it's pretty handy. In these kits, there's 3x magnetic eye colour and 3x lip+cheek colour. These are really comes in a great quality, so you don't need to worry about the product. Nudestix are not about heavy makeup but they are more focus on for enhancements natural beauty with minimal makeup.

Magnetic Eye Colour - Taupe, Gilt, Fig

I love these! The formula is crazy. It's easy to blend and glides on smoothly (only fingertips). They are long wearing, smudge proof, stay in place, and crease proof. They glide on like a soft butter cream and then when you swipe it, they completely set in place beautifully. You also have enough time to blend out the colour before it set. They must be doing something with the formula because I completely fall in love with the formula.

I did use 3 product in this kits where I use FIG and apply it all over my eyelids and then, I apply Taupe at outer corner of my eye lids and then I use Gilt at center of my eyes to highlight. Guess what, the tools that I used for this eye makeup is my fingers! It looked so nice and nothing fancy but still I like it.  These pencils stayed all day even though I have rubbed my eyes. Quite impressed.

Lip+ Cheek Pencil

We all know, most pencils can be pretty drying on the lips, but trust me, not NUDESTIX products.  

In this kits, I have 3 lip+ cheek pencil:
a) Intense Matte Lip+ Cheek Pencil
b) Gel Colour Lip+ Cheek Balm
c) Cream Colour Lip+ Cheek Pencil

These kits has 3 different formula which is matte, creamy and balm type formula. So, you can experience different formula in just one kits.

a) Intense Matte Lip+ Cheek Pencil - Belle

This has pretty pink nude colour which suitable for everyday lippie makeup. It glides on easily, super-creamy, and soft. This one on the other hand applies so nicely and my lips don't look dried out. I didn't experience any tugging when applying it and feel comfortable on the lips.  The downside is these won't last long as compared to traditional matte formulas. As for the cheek, this absolutely create a natural blush look which is not so intense.

b) Gel Colour Lip+ Cheek Balm- Wicked

Wicked is a gel deep plum colour.  I really didn't see much of a difference in texture compared with SIN's texture.  The colour and texture almost look the same  but WICKED is little deep than SIN. This gel formula have more longevity than SIN. The colour also can buildable for more deep colour. These colours look great either for lip and cheeks. These create beautiful sheen blusher that wasn't too strong on cheeks, if you apply lightly.


c) Cream Colour Lip+ Cheek Pencil- Sin

SIN is more to cream rosy plum colour. The formula on this one was super creamy and comfortable though it doesn't have a good staying power. It's feel very moisturizing and won't make your lips dry. These colours look great either for lip and cheeks. Same as WICKED, these create beautiful sheen blusher that wasn't too strong on cheeks, if you apply lightly..


Overall, I completely love this brand. The concept was so brilliant. You can create different makeup style using pencil only.


- Great formula
- Packaging is brilliant.
– Comes with instructions and sharpener
- Easy to carry


– The price is quite expensive


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