Paul Smith Rose Eau de Parfum 50ml

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I am types of girl who are so picky when it comes to fragrance. If the scent is not into my style, I will not wear it. Not at all. I love making myself being continuously scented, but at the same time the scent is fresh, lighter and with more life.

Brand: Paul Smith
Product: Paul Smith Rose Eau de Parfume
Capacity: 50ml / 1.7 fl.oz

It has a beautiful packaging. In a gorgeous floral box and the perfume bottle itself comes inside a little floral drawstring pouch which I thought was a pretty touch and it may suitable as a gift too.. maybe to your friend?^^

The smell of roses is a something that I passionate about; it has a fresh cut roses and clear scent that perfect for every day. It truly does smell incredible; fresh violet, rose, and green tea top notes blended with Turkish rose, magnolia, cedar, and musk which fit my preferences and style. This is a true rose scent that isn't feels peculiar nor overboard. It feel very fascinating. The fragrance starts off strong (but not too much) with an incredible floral aroma, quickly absorbs, gentle roses perfume that lingers throughout the day. The scent last longer too. You only need a couple of spray and the scent will last all day.

I would really recommend if you like rose scent perfume!


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