Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner 01 Black Review, Photos and Swatches

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Ahnnyeong, chin-gu! I read some good reviews of TonyMoly Backstage Gel liner from Korean blogger, so I decided to give black one a try and test how it turn like. If you watch video from Korean Youtuber, you'll see most of them using this eyeliner. The picture taken here is actually old pictures. I almost forgot that I have this picture. lol

Actually I’m not really into this type of eyeliner where I need to dip the brush and I also need to control the amount of product. That’s my common problem. I usually like to use pen gel liner where I just directly draw it at my eyes and more precise.  I got this eyeliner from Althea and the price is so cheap.

 The packaging comes with long black thing and the bottom contains the gel eyeliner and the cap contains a brush. The packaging is ok because you can see clearly what colour it is without having to open it. Well, for me this is important. ^^

The brush looks very thick and seems not accurate but trust me it works! You still can get precise eyeliner.

 The colour that I bought was 01 Black. It just a normal black eyeliner.  The colour is so pigmented and very black.

The eyeliner glides on very smooth. This eyeliner is more to creamy side than a gel. You'll need to keep the cap close if you don't want your eyeliner dry. The product has a very good lasting power. It doesn’t smudge around when it completely dry. It fades a little bit by the end of the day, but for the most part it remains intact.

The eyeliner is waterproof but not really smudgeproof. When I try to touch it after I soak it under water, it quickly smudges.

- Creamy formula
- Good lasting power
- Nice packaging
- Very pigmented
- Easy to apply and smooth

- not totally smudgeproof
- you need to control the amount of product
- not suitable for beginner


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