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Etude House 0.2 Therapy Air Mask #Ceramide & #Damask Rose Review and Photos

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If you are looking for a daily sheet mask or mask lover that has different ingredient based on you skin type,  0.2 Therapy Air Mask from Etude House is a nice choice for you to try.

I am a girl who likes to wear sheet mask before wearing makeup. I believe my skin changing so much better after wearing sheet mask. So, I will consider myself as mask lover. haha! I will never get enough of sheet masks.

Product to review:
1. Ceramide Powerful Moisture
2. Damask Rose Water Recharge

Well, actually there's more sheet mask from Etude House which comprised of 15 sheet mask that have different texture and different ingredient. You might take time to choose.

Let's start with Ceramide Mask Sheet!

Etude House packaging never disappoint me. This is why I love Etude House so much!

Why I choose ceramide?
Basically ceramide has the ability to keep the skin moisture; therefore ceramide has a strong moisturizing effect. That's why I choose ceramide. I actually love moisture and most of my sheet mask that I bought is actually has moisturising effect. That's my first purpose before I bought any sheet mask.

So, when you opened it, you will get thinner sheet mask inside and a lot of essence.  Since they mentioned that this sheet mask is thinner, so when you placed it on your face, it immediately hugged and just stay put. It won't fall off even when you standing or doing you work.  I loved it! 

The texture of the ceramide essence is slightly more to emulsion. OH YEAH! This sheet mask comes with 3 different types of essence which is water type essence, ampoule type essence and emulsion type essence. You can choose what texture you want for your skin.
The sheet mask fills with lots of emulsion. So happy to see lot of product sticking to the sheet mask

The scents of ceramide essence almost like lavender but mixed with lemon extract. At first apply, you will smell strong scent but the scent will lessened after that. Actually, I'm not really fans with the scents; it is just too strong for me.

Upon removal, I was much more impressed than I’d expected. My skin feel so relaxed and has a cooling effect. It doesn't feel tight to the skin at all. The skin gets very enough moisture. It does feel a little bit sticky (for me it's normal), has a shiny effect and plump to the touch. The essence only took a few more minutes to fully absorb. I like how the finish look on my skin but I don't like the scent.

Next, Damask Rose Mask.

Well, packaging is nice!

It comes with thinner sheet mask.

The sheet mask cover with enough essence.

The mask also fit enough for my whole face.

This mask has a nice rose scent perfumed almost feel like the original roses. The texture feel so light and clear because this is moist water type essence. The stickiness level for Ceramide and Rose mask is slightly same like Hada Labo lotion. The finish quite sticky but it's normal and has mediocre shiny effect to the skin. The essence takes time to fully absorb as compared to ceramide sheet mask.

If you wanna know which mask I will choose? I will choose ceramide. I felt that ceramide provides extra moisture to the skin than rose sheet mask. Apart from that,  I like the fact that this sheet mask is a daily mask.

-Pretty good. Would buy again unless I find something better.
-Provides enough moisture to the skin
-The skin feel so relaxed
-Thinner sheet mask

- Nothing

Where you can get: Hermo.my


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