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Let's sit down together and take a few minutes staring at this beautiful babe! I just can't get enough looking at how beautiful this watches. Yes it's Daniel Wellington! The most popular brands in social media and Kendall Jenner wearing it!lol

Daniel Wellington is one of my favourite brands watches because all their watches really my style! It's look very traditional, simple, elegance and wearable watches. I choose the colour Melrose White to show to you.

This is Classic Petite Melrose in the colour White. Melrose rose gold refers to the colour of the strap and white is the watches. I admit I have a very hard time to pick whether the black or white colour. The black one also look so tempting but I decided to go with white colour. Of course we all know the white watches are really Daniel Wellington but the black one is really something different in their collection.

The rose gold band really attracts the attention and it was made with high quality steel. Win! In total, Daniel Wellington released four new watches. All is the same model but in a different colours. So pretty!

The good thing is that you do not need a watchmaker to adjust your strap to your wrist size. You can adjust it by yourself. Voila! This definitely ideal for people who have fairly thin wrist (like me)! Everyone can wear it! 

The fun part is I have discount code to give away to you and it 15% OFF! Just go to and use my code 'aecharcan get an extra 15% discount.

By the way Danielwellington has open their official LAZADA store, a convenient and efficient online shopping! Have fun shopping!


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