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Palladio Rice Paper in Translucent, Natural & Warm Beige Review and Photos

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I swear this month is the most hottest month in Malaysia which I found out that I always seeking for a water. I feels so steamy and hot inside. Since the weather is so hot, our makeup tend to look greasy even when you try dewy makeup looks, it's turn out like a mess. It's impossible to stay matte all day without having blotting paper on hand. There's so many blotting paper on the market, but there's something that catching my eyes. So, today blogpost, I will introduce to you a product from Palladio and I hope that this blogpost will help you to choose which blotting paper that you are prefer.

Love how vintage the illustration look like. That nyonya face reminds me about 'bedak nyonya' hehe

These come with cardboard packaging and blotting paper inside. The size is compact and fit perfectly in your small purse or pocket. These contain 40 sheets rice paper and the rice paper won't stick together when you pull out the rice paper. The size of rice paper is big which it surely enough for your entire face. There are 3 shades available which is Translucent, Natural and Warm Beige. The reason for having 3 shades is because to match with your skin tone or your foundation

The rice paper are made from natural rice and each side of blotting paper has its own purpose which is the matte side is to blots away excess oil while the powdered side is to provides a touch up for your makeup or your face.

Translucent ( RM 20.90 )

                                                                                      Natural ( RM 20.90 )

 Warm Beige ( RM 20.90 )

The rice papers almost feel like regular blotting paper which it quickly absorb excessive oil on skin. The matte side is yellow and feel like recycled paper but feel so gentle on the skin. These definitely remove any sign of oiliness on my skin but it does take a bit of my foundation. For powdered side is so heaven. The rice powder barely see on the skin. It gives a smooth finish and look so natural on the skin. The powdered side also does a good job in absorbing excess oil at the same time. If you rubbing the rice paper harshly, the powdered side tend to crack a bit.

There rice paper are strong and really absorb excess oil really well. They do not tear or spoiled when it contact with ridiculous amount of oil even how many times you rubbing your face. I really like this ideas where there's matte side and powdered side.

Very gentle rice paper
Absorb excess oil really well
Sturdy packaging
Smooth finish

Hope more shades available

** Palladio Rice Paper is now available at all local Guardian Health and Beauty Stores in Malaysia for RM 20.90


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