AMOK Lovefit Whipped Lips and Amok Premium Shadow Review, Photos and Swatches

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Halo guys! What have you been up to? I cannot believe that we’re almost at the end of June, which means my internship only left 1 month! Yeah! Today, I’m going to review a product from Korea! Anyway, have you heard about this brand? If you tried search about this product, most of them is their lipstick! Truth be told, I’m quite curious about their name which they named it as ‘AMOK’.  ‘AMOK’ for me means monster! haha .. but but it is actually Art Makeup Original Korea. Ok! That’s make senses! haha

Product to review:
1.       AMOK Lovefit Whipped Lips M322 Honey Cocoa
2.       AMOK Amok Premium Shadow_Tteok Line E010 Millet-tteok

AMOK Amok Premium Shadow_Tteok Line E010 Millet-tteo

The product comes with black packaging box and there’s Korean language at the back. No English information provided.  

The eye shadow comes with small transparent plastic jar and inside there’s 4.8gram which is very small! I thought that eyeshadow was big but small! Very small than my jar eyeliner. So surprise!

This time I’m not picking natural brown colour but purple! I saw the advertisement seem very pigmented, so I decided to go with these colour.  There’s 10 eyeshadow in total, but I only pick one just to try how they looked like!

The colour is very sheer than in the jar. It’s not that pigmented like the advertisement showed. I do swatches a couple of times just to show the colour, so that my camera can capture the real colour. This one has shimmery texture and it feel like normal eyeshadow but in different form. Normally, eyeshadow is very sensitive to touch and very easily to break, but this eyeshadow is not, where you can cut the eyeshadow and mixed it with other shadow! Brilliant, right? Besides that, the shadow is very easy to blend, no fall out and zero dusty. Another things is that the staying power just ok and stay not that long on my eyes. It’s mediocre.

I think that the shadow might will be pigmented if you wear primer underneath.

This types of eyeshadow worked best using fingers instead of using brush, or the colour won’t showed up.

They looked quite brownish in picture but in reality they are actually purple.

They're not that pigmented and quite sheer.

- No fallout
- Easy to blend

- Quite small for RM26.00
- Expensive
- Only certain online shop selling this brand
- Not pigmented
- Mediocre eyeshadow

AMOK Lovefit Whipped Lips M322 Honey Cocoa

It seems that many Asian brand has comes out alot of liquid lipstick! To be honest, I haven't try any Malaysian liquid lipstick yet. I am planning to get them next month, so let's see how it goes.. haha I saw this brand from korean beauty blogger and I'm kinda interested to try it because their packaging!haha

Amok Lovefit Whipped Lips will give you full and smooth coverage in one swipe and leaving the lips with matte and non-sticky texture. Available in 12 colour.

First and foremost is the packaging! They are so pretty! To be honest, I haven't found any liquid lipstick with cute packaging like this! So cute and unique!

The best part about them is there is a spinner! The spinning scraper is actually located inside the container which works to mixes the content consistently, preventing pollution and separation of contents. Apart from that, you can use the product up to 95%! To use it, just screw the bottom of the container.

Besides that, there is a sponge inside the container. The sponge is actually to  controls the amount of the product. It also to prevents the product spill so that you can use it clean and hygienically. I'm very appreciate for what they do for their product! I haven't saw any brand make this.
The applicators are more to triangular wand, not like typical applicator that we usually get and this will give you more control of product and make the application more easier. I also like the fact that the applicator help to reach every corner of my lips.

Below are the swatches for AMOK Lovefit Whipped Lips in M322 Honey Cocoa

When I swatch the colour, I say this is my colour!haha. So perfect for MLBB colour. The colour are so pretty and really pigmented

These glides with no problem on my lips and the texture feel so velvety and soft.  The scent is nice and not overpowering and doesn’t feel like drying out my lips. They have good lasting power but they do takes times to fully dry. They are waterproof and smudge-proof but eating oily food will completely wipe them out. These are not quick dry like normal liquid lipstick where once you applied they dry completely but this one is not. 

- Easy to apply
- Nice colour
- Velvety and soft texture
- Matte finish
- Packaging nice
- Affordable


Where you can get it: Althea Korea (here) 


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