SON&PARK Tone Up Base, Glow Ring Foundation & Air Tint Lip Cube Review, Photos and Swatches

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I know I know! I feel like almost 2 weeks I'm not reviewing product here. I swear I really want to do it but I feel like I don't have mood to blog. If you're followed me on Instagram, I did do short review there. My instagram is @aecharmy ya!haha Today, I will review 3 product from Son&Park, so I don't feel guilty to my blog..haha  Keep on scrolling to see more :)

Product to review:
1. Son&Park Tone Up Base SPF30 PA++
2. Son & Park Glow Ring Foundation in #21 Light
3. Son & Park Air Tint Lip Cube #01 Rubian Red

Let's start with base first!

Son&Park Tone Up Base

The product comes with black box and has colour indicator at the top and inside is the main product which comes with sturdy clear plastic packaging and has white cap. I hope that this comes with pump dispenser because the product tend to leak easily whenever when I try to pour the product. The price quite expensive to me because the packaging almost feel like a cheap packaging, What I don’t like about the packaging is that there’s no ingredient list in English. The product comes with 50 ml.

Below picture is the real texture where these quite runny and almost feel like water based. The colour is peach which is perfect to brighten up skin tone and give you an instant brightness.

Make sure to shake it first as this is water based makeup and apply it all over your face before apply foundation. 

The tone up based glides smoothly without problem either with your hand or sponges. I don't think this is a good pair with makeup brushes because it tend to look uneven to the skin. I have a feeling that the product does give a bit moisture to the skin couple of minute then it dries up quickly. It does making my foundation in place up to 5 hours and after that the foundation tend to look greasy. The product does making my skin look more radiance and glowy. The scent (flower scent) very nice and I don't have problem with it. Also, have SPF30 PA ++

It does brighten up my skin tone alot!

-  Travel Friendly
-  Great Smell
- Brightens the skin
- Protect the skin with SPF30 PA++

- Doesn't brighten too much for dark skin tone

- Glides smoothly without problem
- Hoping for more colour selection
- Not suitable for all skin tone
- Quite pricey

Next,we jump into foundation stick!

Son & Park Glow Ring Foundation in #21 Light

The packaging is same with black cardboard and no cute graphics and look very professional.

These come with foundation and also brush which aimed to make the application a lot easier. The touch up brush was a nice feature because it safe your time especially when your are rushing and you don’t have to use a finger when touching up.The installed brush hairs are very fine bristle, 0.05mm, to give you better touch-up and blend the foundation easily.

The foundation stick has essence core at middle and the outer part is the foundation. The essence feels abit oily because contains macadamia nut oil, shea butter and other benefit ingredient. 

Some people may like this dense brush but I don't like it. Personally, I feel like it doesn't blend the foundation very well because it leave something weird line and I don't like it. I'd prefer use my beauty blender to blend the foundation and the result was pretty nice and I'm satisfied. Oh yaa you also can pulled out the brush in case the brush is dirty and you want to wash it!

Swatches for Son & Park Glow Ring Foundation in #21 Light

The foundation blend well with my beauty blender but not the brush attach. It goes on smoothly and feel very creamy. The coverage is about medium coverage and you still need concealer to conceal any imperfection. However, I found that the foundation tend to get oily with hot weather situation and I think this foundation stick would be more suited to the cooler seasons. So, in my situation, I set the foundation with Innisfree’s No Sebum translucent powder on top and the oil can be controlled up to 2 or 3 hours, It is actually a dewy stick foundation, so you might feel a bit oily, and if you don't like this dewy feeling, you can set it with translucent powder.

The foundation stick has baby powder scent and personally I don't prefer any fragrance ingredient in my makeup. 

-  Travel friendly
-   Packaging is nice
-   Easy to apply

-  I don't like the brush

-  Might not suitable for dry skin
-  Smell like baby powder

Son & Park Air Tint Lip Cube #01 Rubian Red

Below is the packaging and still same. 
The cubes are made of sturdy plastic and are molded in a way that you can stack them together. The packaging is not cheap somehow I feel  like the packaging is brilliant and yes it won't disappointing you because the price pretty expensive with not so much product inside.

The product comes with chubby doe-foot applicator and the length is small but still you can control the amount of product.
They are so petite and see how I hold the product  

Below is the swatches,
As you can see the colour is super pigmented and really bold red colour. The texture is soft and somehow I feel like the ingredient has powder ingredient when I swatch it and of course has oil-based ingredient. It doesn't have any scent

The colour is perfect for gradient lips and it's easy to blend. The bad things is that the tint takes long time to dry, no matter how long you wear them, they’re going to transfer, and you still can feel there's something on your lips.The finish are more to glossy type. I feel like the product supposed to work as a lipstick instead of a tint.

-  Travel friendly
-   Packaging is nice
-   Pigmented
-   Nice colour

-  Formula is inconsistent 

-  Take long time to dry
-  It doesn't set very well
- Transfer

Makeup looks using the product:

You can get all this product at Hermo Malaysia


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