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Hey everyone!Anyone love Chok Chok skin like me? Please raise your leg! *kidding

Basically, Chok-chok Pibu (촉촉) literally means “moist skin,” which also refer to super hydrated and dewy skin. If you're obsessed with korean makeup and skincare, you'll might be familiar with this term. So, when Althea Korea released beauty box which consist of several product of Chok Chok items, and I just directly inbox them that I really want to review their box and thanks to them for putting a trust to me in reviewing their beauty box. So, without further ado, let's jump into the review and my thought on the product.

Althea Chok Chok Beauty Box consist of 6 product:

B&Soap Glacial Water Mask  

First of all, if we want to achieve 'chok chok'skin, the most importantly is the mask. This is the basic that we need to know.

B&Soap Glacial Water Mask contains Alaskan Glacial water that soothes and deeply hydrated your skin. I know this statement seem very promising. Okey, let's see...

My imagination about the statement. Ice + Water = Heaven!!

The packaging is pretty and the sheet masks inside almost feel like mediocre sheet masks. The sheet masks fully soaked with enough essence and with perfect consistency. The sheet mask also fits with my face and I don't have a problem with it.

The first thing, when we put on mask, we can feel instantly cooling effect and make the skin refreshed and cool. I also feel the same experience when I wear this mask. The difference is I can feel a bit of heat and spicy feeling but not that long. The scent is pleasant. The mask takes nice time to dry out and I didn't experience that the mask irritated my skin. Apart from that, I have to say honestly that this wasn’t one of the best masks to me but it does give my skin a bit moisture and 'chok chok' feeling.

- The skin feel refreshed and cool
- Enough moisture
- Pleasant scent

- Heat and spicy feeling but not that long

Laneige Water Bank Skin Mist (60ml)

I have try Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, which is the best selling product from this brand and I truly like it but I haven't try the mist yet. So, when the weather is hot or drying, this is the best time to spray the mist on our face.

Laneige Water Bank Skin Mist will give you an instantly moisture to the skin and maintain the skin moisture level. Apart from that, it also soothen the skin and boosts skin turnover.

Packaging nice and the product comes in a translucent light blue plastic bottle with a spray mechanism. The bottle itself is sturdy and the pump worked well without problem. I know it feels annoyed when the spray broken when the first time you spray it. I know that feeling!

For this beauty box, you will get  60ml of product, although full size is 120ml, but I think this will last longer because you only need a few spray for this.

The consistency in the bottle almost feels like plain water and has pleasant scent. The scent is same as Laneige sleeping mask and other Laneige skincare range. If you ever try any Laneige product, you will notice the scent is same. Truth be told, I'm not really fan with the scent which is quite strong to me.

When I spray the mist to the skin, I feel that it does cool down my skin, give enough moisture and refreshed the skin but I can say it marginally. When spray onto the skin, the liquid change into more tacky and sticky than plain water. The mist penetrates into skin quite fast.

You can use the mist as a toner or quick face mask. Open the spray cap and pour the mist into cotton pad and make sure the cotton pad is fully soaked the mist. I think this way is much better than being as mist.

- Moisture the skin
- Quite handy for travel
- Refreshed the skin

- The scent is strong

Dr. Young Silky Primer

Next product is primer. This product claims that it's not only primer that cover pores and controlling sebum but at the same time its hydrate the skin.

I actually haven't heard about this brand before but I know this brand from korean beauty youtuber, I cannot remember who she/he? *pardon me :)

 White box and the packaging of product is comes in a tube form and has 25ml of product inside.

The consistency is not thick like Maybelline pore eraser but this one is more to cream type but when you blend out the primer, it goes on thick.

When I applied onto the skin, it blend out almost like Maybeline pore eraser which give you that smooth and soft baby skin. If you see the picture above, the primer doesn't really covered my pores really well. It get more visible especially big pores when I apply cushion on top of it. I also would like to mention that, do not use much of product because the product tend to look cakey when you blend out the primer especially when you apply foundation. So, make sure that when you squeeze the product out, please control the amount. Apart from that, this has baby powder scent.

- Smooth and soft application

- Not really covering pores
- Tend to make makeup to look cakey

W-Lab Water Hole Cushion

The product claims that it will cover blemishes, give an instant cooling effect, whitening, anti-aging, UV protection [ SPF 50+/PA+++ ] and moisturize the skin.

The cushion itself housed with nice blue box and sturdy plastic blue cushion packaging.The puff that come along was packed in different plastic which is quite nice because usually the puffs already prepared inside.

They send me in the shade 23 which is perfect with my skintone. Usually when I bought cushion i usually bought in the shades 21 but for W.lab cushion, I think 23 is the perfect shades and the cushion more to yellowish tone and I like it. 

Bam. Bam. Bam. So when I pat the cushion to the skin, my first thought is that the coverage quite good for a cushion. The coverage more to medium coverage and it doesn't feel thick like April Skin. It has a very fresh nice scent and I like it. The cushion sets into more dewy and luminous finish. I also feel that it oxidise after 10 minutes and turned slightly into warmer tone shade and matches with my skin tone perfectly. The cushion last for about 6 to 7 hours and after that you'll need to touch up.

- Does what it claim
- Medium coverage
- Won't make my makeup cakey
- Nice scent

- Nothing

A'Pieu Creamy Cheek Chok Blusher [CR01]

The product comes with sturdy chocolate plastic packaging and the size is small and compact and has 2.3g of product inside.
They send me in the shade CR01 Coral Compote and obviously the colour more to coral. The colour is pigmented when swatches and look nice!

 The colour so pretty!

The application is easy, blend very well with no problem. However, this does not last long which means you need to reapplied. The product have vanilla scent but not that strong.

- Creamy consistency
- Applies smoothly
- Pigmented

- Does not last too long 

Milky Dress Barbie Make Color Pop Tint [Delight Coral]

Next product is one of those makeup products that was voted as a must have item in the popular TV show Get It Beauty. It's 2 in 1 product because you can use it as blush or lip. The product claims to give an instant voluminous lips, natural gradation lips and has non-drying formula that won't make the lips dry.

The packaging really remind me about YSL lip tints so much and they look so fancy than the old version.This type of packging does leave fingerprint. The old packaging, the cap is same but the bottom is transparent. 

The applicator has a hole at the center, so even when you rub the product or do a swatches, there's still a product left at center. The applicator does take a lot product and you need to control the amount but the applicator are so easy to apply. 

The consistency are more to creamy and watery but not runny like a real tint. The colour is more to orange and very pigmented. Although they look kind of orange when swatches but when you apply on the lips and wait half of hour the colour change into pretty red coral colour and it staint on the lips beautifully.

My first impression when I appy the tint, they seem look uneven and inconsistent but after that the colour turn into pretty colour. So, I told myself, don't judge a book by its cover! hahaahaha

So, after it dries, it stays on the lips very long.This only happen if you let's the tint dry completely before going to eat. The downside about this tint is that it take for about half hour to completely dry which is very long! If you a rushing kind of person, you've might hate this product and wonder why they were featured in Get It Beauty!

I cannot describe the scent but it won't make your day worst. Trust me!HAHA

- Nice colour
- Won't make your lips dry
- Turn into nice tint colour
- Stay quite long when it dry

- Take time to fully dry

That's all my review for whole box. There is pros and cons about this beauty box because there is some product that you like and some you don't. All in all, I think this beauty box is the most cheaper way to get all beauty stuff at really cheaper price. Currently, the box is sold out but make sure to always check their website if you wanna get their beauty box. 

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