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Lizly Oh My Awesome Lip Tint Review, Photos and Swatches

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Hello lovely! Have you ever heard about this brand, Lizly? It is actually new brand from Korea where their first product is eyeshadow and second product is lip tint (Oh My Awesome Lip Tint). If you always shopping at Memebox, you'll be familiar with these brand. So, this lip tint is quite famous in Korea because they are very long-lasting. They have 8 shades and these 8 shades consist of 2 finishes which is matte and gloss. Today, I will reviewed these 2 finishes from this line which is 01 (Awesome Red) Matte , 04 (Awesome Marsala) Matte, and last one is G01 (Awesome Burgundy) Gloss. Let's see how this product goes on my lips.

The packaging of product, you can clearly see which box is gloss and matte finishes. Korean description only provided and no english on the packaging.

Oh My Awesome Lip Tint ( 4.7g) housed with a very pretty rose gold plastic case and engraved with Lizly logo's at the center. I honestly like the packaging and not all lip tint comes with nice packaging. The plastic tube is chubby and sturdy and at the center is transparent so you can see clearly the colour before you open the product.

Before you open the product, there's plastic sticker which all korean product have it.

The applicator is curved and it's quite chubby. It does take a lot product, so you'll need to control the amount.

01 Awesome Red is a very bright red colour (matte)
04 Awesome Marsala is a dried rose colour (matte) MLBB lip!
G01 Awesome Burgundy is a very dark plum colour (gloss)

I like the texture of this lip tint. The texture of the matte tint is soft and velvety and it's more to mousse tint while gloss finishes, they are more watery gloss. These have great formulation because it doesn't feel heavy at all and it feels nice on the lips. The matte one is not completely dry, so you can take time to spread the colour while for gloss finishes, they're completely stain on the lips. For matte and gloss finishes, you've might take only one coat for this because the pigmentation is no joke especially gloss finishes. It's really pigmented and you've might won't need second layer for this. As for the shades, I love these types of shades. I also feel like I don't need a ton of makeup on my face to accentuate the colour. Matte one is not dry at all and more to moisturize the lips and also for the gloss one too. 

Ok, the best part is they are very long lasting either matte or gloss finishes. When I washes my hand using makeup remover after I do swatches on my hand, the colour was still there even for next day. The same goes on my lips too.  I did rub my lips couple of times and the colour stain. So, when you are having your meal, you won't need to retouch again. It's feel so comfortable on the lips and almost feel not apply anything and you also just need small amount of product too. It doesn't feel dry at all nor feel tacky. I would say this is the best lip tint ever and I like it!

- I like rose gold packaging
- Very long-lasting lip tint
- Crazy pigmentation
- Formula is light and comfortable
- Easy to aply
- Nice colour

- Not have a lot shades

Where you can get the product: Althea Korea


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