Canmake Stay-On Balm Rouge Long-lasting tinted type Review Photos and Swatches

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Today, another review for you guys! It's Stay-On Balm Rouge Tint from Canmake which is Japanese brand. 

Canmake Stay-On Balm Rouge Tint is a lip coloured lip balm with tinted function which leaves a stain on lips for longer staying lip colour. The colour changes its intensity gradually with time. It can be applied directly even to dry, chapped lips because it's moisturizing formula. 
Every product from Canmake is always adorable. It's girly and cute! The product comes in plastic tube where you need to twist at the bottom to make the balm comes out.

[T01] Little Anemone (Long-lasting tinted type). Bright yellow red.
[T02] Happy Tulip (Long-lasting tinted type). Standard glossy pink.

It looks very pigmented but when swatches, the colour quite sheer. It smell like typical lip balm scent. 

When applied onto the lips, it's feel very comfortable, moisturizing, lightweight and doesn't feel sticky at all. The application is very easy and it glides on smoothly. It has glossy finish and the colour looks super natural on lips where the colour staint on the lips gradually. However, in term of lasting power, the balm faded after 3 or 4 hours, if you are not eating. I also highly recommend this product for those of you who have dry lips. This product is for you, also it has UV protection.

- Very moisturizing
- Has UV protection
- Leave nice tinted lips colour
- Suitable for dry lips

- Not long-lasting


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