Canmake Wink Glow Eyes Review, Photos and Swatches

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Hey lovely! Today, I will do a review about another Japanese brand which is Canmake Wink Glow Eyes and it's from their Summer Tinted Series Collection. This is liquid eyeshadow that is supposed to give you a dewy shimmer finish with long lasting effect and has fine textured pearl particle so that you can spread the product evenly over your eyelid.

The product comes in plastic tube where you need to squezed the product out. The packaging is super adorable. Inside, the product has 8ml of product. They are super small, compact and  travel friendly. The downside about this is I accidentally pushing too hard when squeeze out the product too much which ended up a waste.

01 Terracotta Brown is a bright reddish brown while 02 Sakura Mauve is a sexy pink colour but I think that Sakura Mauve are more to lavender colour instead of pink. The texture is watery but not that runny so when you squeezed out the product, the eyeshadow won't move everywhere. The website also claims that it has shimmer finish but I saw it has a little bit of glitter.

The liquid eyeshadow look very pigmented especially brown but when you spread or blend out the product, it goes on sheer but still pretty. It doesn't look too hard on eyelid but more to sweet princess style. The eyeshadow is very easy to blend out and I suggest using your finger to blend out the product or if you want to use brush, I suggest using flat eyeshadow brush.  The application is not messy at all. They are very long lasting but there is slight creasing especially for those of you has oily eyelid. The effect is more to glossy. Overall, I still like the product! <3

- Easy to blend
- Nice colour
- Long lasting

- If you squeeze out to hard then you will ended up with a waste. 


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