Althea.kr Dried Rose Box Review & Unboxing

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Annyeong chingudeul! Welcome back to another unboxing! If you haven't read my review about Althea Chok Chok Box, you can check out here! But, today I'll be sharing all about the Dried Rose Box! Are you excited? Let's start digging!😋

If you aren't familiar with Althea Box and what this things work? So, basically Althea.kr will choose 4 to 7 product that suit with their choices theme and grouping them into one theme box. You can buy them without need to subscribe for weekly or monthly, which is kinda annoying! Yes I know! So far, they has released almost 41 theme boxes! (around that) and the best things is you can get full sized of product and the price is really cheap because the price of one product quite expensive,  so better to buy this theme box! Save money!hahaha

The Dried Rose Box contains 5 full sized product and 1 sample-kit skincare and it's only RM116! The original price, obviously too way expensive expecially Etude House Palette! You can get full sized of product, cheap and save your wallets! Again! Did I mention it  save your money? haha I'd probably gonna say it again in this posts! 

The products included in the box are:

1. BAREBLANC Moisture Lock Foundation #23 
2. ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eyes Wine Party 
3. A.CONCEPT Water Cheek Blusher #Miss Me 
4. ARITAUM Satin Pencil Lip Lacquer #Dry Bouquet 
5. WITHSHYAN Nail Lacquer Solid Line #Hello Autumn

1. BAREBLANC Moisture Lock Foundation #23 

My experience: Black and simple packaging but the packaging is quite bulky to me. The shade is perfect with my skin tone which is more to yellowish tone! The coverage is sheer which is more to light to medium coverage and it has dewy finish. The foundation stay well on my skin but around 2 or 3 hours, and after that it start creasing around my smile line. It feels very light on my skin and it's quite sticky at the first application but then the foundation start to blend well with my skin. They are more to natural side so you'll need concealer to cover the imperfections. They are not typical cushion type but they are more to 'press in' type. I like this foundation because it hygiene and no one can touch the foundation! *you know when someone wants to see your cushion foundation and suddenly, they touch the cushion! B*tch are you kidding me? Did you touch my cushion foundation? did your hand are so clean? =,= YES I definitely understand! haha

2. ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eyes Wine Party 

The star of the show is this palette. Let's be honest! The reason why I like this box more than anything is because of this palette!

My experience: Girls! I like all the colours in this palette. They are so me!haha There is matte, shimmers, and glitter! All the shade is quite pigmented especially the darker one! Only one downside is the glitters (Rose Sparkling Holic)! Mine is so dry and they are so hard to pick up the product using a brush even with fingers! About the packaging, it's travel-friendly and lightweight but there's alot of space in there. I hope the space for the brush eliminated because I don't want to pay for the brush. -,-  Overall, I like all the colour in this palette, plus you can go either natural makeup looks or smokey makeup looks using this palette.  

3. A.CONCEPT Water Cheek Blusher #Miss Me 

My experience: Are they nail polish? Well, they're not! It's a blush! The blush almost has true-red colour and it's really pigmented, so you'll need 2 or 3 dots on your cheeks and blend it out! The formula is really light, doesn't feels sticky, smell nice and has a nice colour. The application is easy and stay on quite long and looks very natural on the cheeks. The best things is the packaging is so pretty yet simple.

4. ARITAUM Satin Pencil Lip Lacquer #Dry Bouquet 

My experience: From the outer, you've might thinking that it is an eyeliner! Well, I also guessing the same things! But, it is for your lips! I have in the shades #02 Dry Bouquet. This is probably the most thinnest lip applicator ever and they are so easy to work with. The applicator reach every corner and it was so easy to  create a beautiful lip line. The formula of the lip lacquer are smooth and glides on easily. It doesn't feel dry on the lips and they are actually transfer because they are not matte completely. I'm so in love with this lip lacquer and thinking about getting another shades too.

5. WITHSHYAN Nail Lacquer Solid Line #Hello Autumn

My experience: Another product is nail polish! This kinda of colour probably the most wanted this year because they are more to nude and brownish shade. The texture of the nail polish is watery and dries fast with smooth glossy finish. It turns out really pretty and exclusive.

 Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Care Sample Kit 

Also, in this box you'll get one sample kits. There is one Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam 10ml, Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner 13ml and Jeju Volcanic Pore Care Kit Cotton. This is definitely useful for travel!

Full makeup using all product in Dried Rose Box from Althea! :P

I like all product included in this box! They are so worth and if you divide the cost each of products, it's around RM20, which is so damn cheap especially Etude House Palette! Normal price for this palette is RM108 but you can get around RM20 ++ something! Girls! This is so worth!

Price: RM116 (Normal Price: RM420)
Where you can get: here

That's all from me! Thank you so much for reading! I hope this posts interesting for you guys as much as I did! See you in the next post! Annyeong!


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