LaF (Lost and Found) Products Review and Photos

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Hello everyone!

LaF (Lost and Found) is skincare line from Korea. LaF provides numerous skin solution from anti-wrinkle, pore, moisturizing, calming and whitening skincare. They have different types of ampoule and cream for different skin concern and also LaF is a safe product, so no worries. I've been using this skincare line for 30 days and here I come out with my own reviews. I am excited to show you guys on the result and my thoughts on it. But first, let me introduced to you each skincare line that they have.

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LaF Teatree + BHA Iceland Micellar Cleansing Water
Volume: 500ml   l   Price:  RM59.90

Cleansing water seems has taken a place of traditional cleanser. It does not only cleans the dirt on the skin but it also works to remove makeup as well, so there is no need to do an additional facial cleansing with water. LaF Teatree + BHA Iceland Micellar Cleansing Water contains Rice bran extract and black rice extract that helps to improve the skin and maintain bright and clean skin. Also, allantoin (plant extract), arnica flower extracts, bamboo water and glacial milk prevent dryness and supplement moisture while maintaining the skin hydrated and smooth after cleansing. The effect is skin cleansing, skin tone improvement and moisturization.

This cleansing water helps to remove makeup very well even for mascara. I practice doing double cleansing which the 1st one is using this cleansing water to remove my makeup, and then the cleanser. Well, I cannot leave my traditional cleanser. I saw from Get it Beauty Korean TV Show, they basically used cleansing water without need to wash with water at all. Yes NO WATER! I am practically cannot leave water. hahaha.  This cleansing water helps my skin to feel more refreshed and I've been using this for 1 month and feel in love from the first try. It does do the job. 

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LaF Teatree + BHA Pore Corset Facial Toner
Volume: 200ml   l   Price:  RM59.90

LaF Teatree + BHA Pore Corset Facial Toner contains tea tree components that help relieve the skin and is very gentle for everyday use as the BHA gently removes dead skin cells while effectively controlling sebum and improving the skin tone without causing irritation. The effect is pore care, skin alleviation, exfoliation, sebum control and skin tone improvement.

After cleansing, you will need to prepare your face for your skincare application for a better absorption and it's toner. This toner comes in a sturdy plastic bottle and the texture of the toner is watery and very cooling and its instantly absorbs into the skin. You can apply it using your hand with gently patting motion or use a cotton pad by wiping it upwards.

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LaF Teatree + BHA Pore Corset Ampoule
Volume: 30ml   l   Price:  RM49.90

LaF Teatree + BHA Pore Corset Ampoule contains chameleon (houttuynia cordata) extract smooths rough skin with visible pores, agarikon (fomitopsis officinalis) extract control sebum, and tea tree extract and cypress leaf extract help soothe the skin. The effect is pore care, exfoliation and sebum control. The texture is very gel like but more to runny. But does not have any sticky feeling.

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LaF MED. Skin Solution Ampoule
Volume: 30ml   l   Price:  RM49.90

 LaF Skin Solution Ampoule Water Bomb (Blue)

The sodium hyalunorate moisturizing film keeps your skin hydrated and vitalized throughout the day, and rich moisture provided by aloe vera leaf water alleviates sensitive skin caused by external factor

Ingredient: Sodium hyaluronate, aloe vera leaf water and betaine

LaF Skin Solution Ampoule Whitening (Pink)

Adenosine and niacinamide make your skin look radiant and resilient, and pearl extract with rich sources of adenosine and minerals keep your skin pure

Ingredient: Niacinamide (skin whitening), adenosine (anti-aging), pearl extract, shea butter, zanthoxylum fruit extract. 

LaF Skin Solution Ampoule Anti-Wrinkle (Green)

Adenosine makes your skin resilient, and pearl extract with rich sources of adenosine and minerals keeps your skin pure.  Yellow lactose capsules enhance skin moisture and jojoba esters keep skin soft and supple. Also, it contains Vitamin E and Vitamin A to make your skin bright. 

Ingredient: Adenosine (anti-aging), pearl extract

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LaF Teatree + BHA Corset Gel Cream
Volume: 50ml   l   Price:  RM59.90

LaF Teatree BHA Corset Gel Cream is a daily cream promoting skincare with tightened pores. It contains salicylic acids that remove dead skin cells, and hyaluronic acids (sodium hyaluronate) and witch hazel water minimize the pores and moisturize the skin to keep your skin hydrated and vitalized. The effect is pore care, exfoliation and hydration.

It has transparent gel like consistency and and spread like moisturizer. This cream had a cooling effect, absorb much quicker, it does not leave a sticky feeling and I really like it. 

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LaF MED. Secret Cream
Volume: 50g   l   Price:  RM49.90

LaF MED Secret Cream #Ceramide (Green)

A super moisturizing ceramide cream which prevents evaporation of moisture and keeps sensitive, dry skin healthy and moist. If you want soothing and moisturizing, start your skin theraphy with MAD Secret Ceramide Cream. 

The effect
-  Instant moisturization
-  Soothes sensitive and itchy skin
-  Protects skin with centella extract 
-  Enhance the skin barrier with ceramide ingredient

LaF MED Secret Cream #The First (Pink)

Mad Secret the First is a revolutionary formula cream that holds on tightly to makeup that can get pushed around after basic care. It is only a moisturizing cream, but creates effect of a primer in addition to moisturizing.

The Effect
-  Immediately smooth HD skin texture
-  Perfect adhesion & endurance of makeup
- Powerful moisturizing and hypo-stimulating formula
- Wrinkle improvement certification

LaF MED Secret Cream #Aquaporin (Blue)

MAD Secret Aqua Porin Cream which enhances the penetration of moisture into the skin, is excellent for dryness care and improvement of dull skin texture.

The Effect
-  Immediate Moisture Penetration
-  Non-shiny moisture
-  Used cooled for better soothing effect
- Elastic, invigorated skin

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LaF Teatree + BHA Pore Blur Sleeping Pack
Volume: 150ml   l   Price:  RM59.90

The tea tree and BHA help to exfoliate the skin and lighten the pores during sleep. Hydrolyzed collagen, sodium hyaluronate and green tea extract supply moisture to the skin, leaving your skin refreshed without feeling tacky in the morning.

Finishing touch with sleeping pack. As you know sleeping pack works as sleeping mask, where the consistency quite thick but when wake up in the morning and wash my face, my skin feel soft and supple.

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LaF Teatree + BHA Pore Kill Pill Off Pack
Volume: 50ml   l   Price:  RM55.90

This exclusive pore-care mask contains cacao fruit powder that absorbs excessive sebum, and effectively takes care of the pores. Also, snail secretion filtrate, lemon balm extract, witch hazel water and acai fruit extract help maintain a healthy and fresh skin by alleviating the skin. 

As additional or special care, you can use LaF Teatree + BHA Pore Kill Pill Off Pack. This product work best to remove excessive dirt or sebum left on the skin. Not only that, it does take out a little bit of whiteheads on my nose. I really love any peel off mask because when you peel it out from the skin, it give a lot satisfaction. Won't you agree with me? Apart from that, its really easy to peel it and won't harsh your skin. 

I hope this post can help you guys and that's all for today. Remember to drinks lots of water and also eat healthy food. Bye! Muaxxx


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