Lizly Oh My Awesome Tint Gloss and Matte

What it is: 
Lizly Oh My Awesome Tint Matte is a soft and velvety texture lip tint with super pigmented colour tint that will promise you with long-wearing formula. There are 5 shades to choose from. I will review 2 of them which are 01 Awesome Red and 04 Awesome Marsala.

Lizly Oh My Awesome Tint Gloss is a light water-based tint with vivid colour and the finish are more to glossy. There are 5 shades to choose from and I will review only one of it which are G01 Awesome Burgundy.

Lizly Oh My Awesome Tint Matte and Gloss are housed in a fancy gold plastic tube and you definitely can see the actual lip tint colour without need to check what shades at the bottom.So, it's easy to identify which shade is which. 

They have a doe foot applicator which makes the tint easy to apply, but they come out of the of the pot with a lot of product, so it can get quite messy. 

Texture And Fragrance:
The texture for Lizly Oh My Awesome Tint Matte is weightless and creamy texture. The texture is slightly milder than Peripera Ink Airy Velvet. 

Lizly Oh My Awesome Tint Gloss are more to watery tint almost like a water but it has more thicker consistency than normal or basic water lip tint.

Both almost has the same scent which are more to fruity scent.

Pigmentation And Performance:
Both lip tint has insane pigmentation. It is extremely pigmented and only one swipe is enough to cover up my whole lips. If you want to try lip tint with high pigmentation, I totally recommend this. 

If you have dry lips, matte finish might not for you because the tint will make your dry lips noticeable when it's dry, so I suggest you to go for gloss finish instead of matte. For matte, it's slightly feel dry compared to gloss. I also like the fact that this lip tint does not feel heavy on the lips and I almost feels like wearing nothing on my lips.

Staying Power:
The longevity is very great on my lips and it is definitely long-wearing. I found out that even I try erase the tint with makeup remover, there's still stain on my lips and it is really hard to remove the product. This is probably the most pigmented lip tint that really hard to remove. Both tint stay like forever. 'TINT FOREVER' lol

Lizly Oh My Awesome Tint (4.7g)

Lizly Oh My Awesome Tint Matte 
01 Awesome Red is a vibrant true red. This shade looks smooth and the colour is really pigmented so it doesn't make my face looks tired which is great. This is such a classic colour!

04 Awesome Marsala is a pink MLBB colour. I'm absolutely in love with this shade. It's has the perfect MLBB pink for me, not too bright but also not too dark, just perfect! The formula works well with my lips once they set. 

Lizly Oh My Awesome Tint Gloss
G01 Awesome Burgundy is a bloody red colour. It has watery consistency and the application will be too messy, if you put on too much and the color will stain at your teeth.

01 Awesome Red (Left), G01 Awesome Burgundy (Center), 04 Awesome Marsala (Right)
To summarize those lengthy word, here is my pros and cons of this lipstick.

- Pigmented
- Long-wearing like forever
- Nice packaging
- Very comfortable
- Feels very light
- Waterproof
- Easy to apply

- Very hard to remove
- Limited colour selection
- The wand brings out too much product

Rating: 4/5

G01 Awesome Burgundy

01 Awesome Red

04 Awesome Marsala

Will I Recommend This Product?
Yes, I really recommend. I'm really impressed with these tint! They're so easy to apply and reapply.I also find that they stain my lips so fast that they wear well throughout the day and staint beautifully without moving around. If you are lip tint junkie then this product deserves to be in your lip tint collection.

I would recommend the Lizly Oh My Awesome Tint to any people who are looking for easy to apply, vivid, lightweight lip colours!


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