Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes Review

Hello everyone. Today I will be reviewing Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes. Packaging is definitely the cutest so, without further ado let's cut the intro and jump into the review! Go~Go~

What it is:
CANMAKE Perfect Stylist Eyes is an eyeshadow palette that offers a highly pigmented color that lasts all day with just one application. The moist powder formula contains squalene to ensure it goes on smoothly and clings tightly to lids without shedding. It includes translucent, luminescent lame to give definition and glamour to the eyes. 

Amount of product:

Shades available:

How to use:
Using makeup brush or fingers, strategically place the eyeshadow to create your desire look.

Packaging is always the cutest when it comes to Canmake. They always come out with super princess-style packaging and very small packaging but still nice. The packaging is actually plastic but sturdy and at in front, there are gold details which I really like.

Inside, there are a small mirror and dual-ended brush but for the mirror, I don't use it at all because I cannot see my whole face, only my eyes. Although the size is small, I can say that it is a nice size that is easy to travel with.

Color/Pigmentation and Texture:
I like the color in this palette which more to safe color. I can wear this as everyday makeup looks. All 4 main shadows can be used to create a look plus you also got shadows for your inner corner or to apply at the middle of your lid without reaching other product.

In term of pigmentation, they all very sheer. The more you blend, the color not shows up well. They are very pigmented when swatches on hand but when applying on my eyes, they are not show up true to shade but you still can build the color. The highlight shades 'topping jewel' is very nice to apply at inner corner. 

All the shadow has a buttery texture. They feel very smooth and silky. You got 4 shimmery shade and 1 highlighter but I hope that at least one matte shades in this palette will be good. There is a little bit of fallout but not too serious.

This shade is still gorgeous.

Lasting power: 
The lasting power for these shade are so so.  Since the shades are already so sheer, they do slightly fade even with a primer.  The glittery or highlighter shade stay put but still, these don’t have the best-lasting power for me. If you have oily lids, the shadow will fade quickly.

No fragrance detected

Let's try the product. You can see how sheer the color are. 

First, I use shade A as a base color and then on top of it I apply shade B, all over of my lid.

I use shade D, just half of the lid to make the eyes look abit bigger. Then, I use shade E as a highlighter at my teardrop for cuter look.

Then, finish off with eyeliner and mascara and the makeup is done!

- Nice packaging
- Texture very silky and buttery
- Great natural color
- Suitable for beginners

-Wish it was slightly more pigmented when apply on eyes.

This is definitely a palette who love natural makeup with sheer pigmentation. If you love bold and crazy pigmented shadow, this palette is not for you. The highlighter shade works perfectly fine but the rest, I need time to build the color and layer it, which something I don't prefer. Overall, I don’t find this palette to be anything too special but this palette definitely good for beginners.


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