Son & Park Urban Flower Kit Review

Finding the right makeup to wear can be little tricky even though when you’re going for a natural makeup look. Choosing for the right palette that contains natural shades but still have everything you want in one palette can be frustrating especially we want a palette that compact and travel friendly. Today, I will review Son & Park Urban Flower Kit Palette which consists of natural eyeshadow and the most importantly is a travel-friendly palette. Let's jump into the review, shall we? 

What it is:
The flower kit consisting of bohemian romantic flower colors helps express elegant refined eye makeup. 

The Son & Park Urban Flower Kit comes in a medium sized packaging. The product comes in a simple and sleek black plastic packaging with a magnetic closure.  You will get 4 matte eyeshadow and 2 shimmers as well as a double-sponge applicator and mini-sized mirror at inside. Each shade has their own names and you can found it at the back of the product. The packaging does not feel cheap and it's sturdy and travel-friendly as well. Overall, the packaging is ok for me unless you really care with packaging.

Son & Park Urban Flower Kit  

Son & Park Urban Flower Kit  

Son & Park Urban Flower Kit  

Son & Park Urban Flower Kit  

Son & Park Urban Flower Kit  

Shades and Pigmentation :
There are 4 matte shades and 2 shimmers in the palette and I will go over each and every one, detailing its color pay off as well. 

The first shade is Freesia which is a cool matte brown tone. This color would be perfect as transition shade at crease area. The pigmentation is sheer but still buildable. It shows up well on eyelids but requires layering. 

Next shade is Usianthus which is a soft peach shimmer shade. You can use this shade a s a base to even out and lightens the eyelids and then wear other color on top of it. The pigmentation is slightly sheer. 

Next shade is Camellia which is a matte mauve rose shade. These shade matches really well for warm tones skin and the pigmentation is really great. 

Next, is Lilac which is a soft pink shimmer shade. I use this shades mostly to highlight at inner corner of my eyes and at the center of my eyelids only. I felt that this shades not work for my warm skin tone but this would be look great for cool skin tone people. 

Peony is a medium deep warm matte brown color and the pigmentation is sheer. 

The last shade is mushroom which a darker matte brown shades with great pigmentation. 
The texture of every eyeshadow are quite smooth, silky texture that are easy to apply and blend but some of it are quite chalky. Fressia and Lisianthus are quite chalky for my personal opinion. You know the lighter the color, the more chalky they are. However, all the colors are extremely easy to blend, the colors doesn’t look cakey or form patches on the eyes as well. 

Staying Power:
The staying power of the eyeshadows depend a lot whether you are use primer underneath or not. Personally, the colors stay in place and do not crease. With primer, the eyeshadows stayed for a good 6-7 hours with minimal fading. Without primer, it lasted for around 5 hours on the eye lids. If you layer up too much, the color will not fade on the eyelids especially the darker shades. 

Swatches for Son & Park Urban Flower Kit  

Swatches for Son & Park Urban Flower Kit  

Makeup looks that I create using Son & Park Urban Flower Kit: 
To start off, apply Freesia which is a cool matte brown tone and apply in the crease as a transition shades. Then, take Camellia (matte mauve rose shade) and apply all over the lid. Make sure all the color blends well. 

So far, it should look like the picture at above. Next, I'm going to use Mushroom which is dark matte brown and apply at outer corner of my eyes and make sure they blend well.  

 Take Lilac which is a soft pink shimmer shade and apply from inner part to the center of the lids. Last step, apply your favourite eyeliner, mascara and your favourite false lashes (if you want) and makeup is done. 

Final look. Natural makeup but still has the romantic color vibe.  

- Sturdy packaging 
- Travel-friendly product 
- Have mirror 
- Easy to blend either shimmer or matte. 
- Low fallout. 
- Good pigmentation 
- Texture is soft and smooth 
- Approximately the staying power is 5 hours without primer. 

- Some of the shade have sheer pigmentation and slightly chalky. 

 The Son & Park Urban Flower Kit has 6 shades with a mixture of matte and shimmery color and the quality of this eyeshadow is fairly good. The texture is soft and easy to blend with low fallout problem. The staying power is good and this palette definitely for everyday natural makeup looks. I do love using the palette as my everyday makeup palette and would highly recommend this one if you love natural makeup looks.


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