Etude House Double Lasting Cushion SPF34/PA++ Review

What it is:
A semi-matte foundation suspended in a dab-on cushion sponge that combines the fresh and radiant look of a liquid foundation with the practicality of a compact. The 'Magnet Fit Effect' and 'Double Shot Technology' evens out the skin and conceals imperfections for a flawless finish.


How to apply:
Pick up a certain amount of contents with puff and spread evenly by lightly patting onto the skin.


Shade to review:
Y03 Ivory 

The cushion comes in a nude box color and the packaging for this cushion is just like a normal cushion-typed packaging with nude color on top and "Double Lasting" name printed in the front. The color of the cushion packaging is dark navy blue color and the packaging is thin and not bulky. Overall, I like the packaging which is very simple and straightforward.

Inside you will get cushion puff.

I do have a hard time to choose which shades suitable for me because all my cushion foundation is mostly ivory or warm neutral tone or in the shades 21(Korean cushion) (I like one tone lighter than my skin tone). I saw from Etude House website, Neutral Beige is a bit dark so I choose Ivory. 

Recently, I attend Etude House Malaysia event for their Double Lasting Foundation and Cushion, "Choose suitable shades" event. I told Etude House worker (she so damn nice) that I use Ivory and she said that it was lighter with big eyes (can you imagine). haha Then, they give me a free session on what shades suitable for me for double lasting foundation and cushion and the shade suitable for me is tan which is more to neutral tone.  It does match my neck but my korean influence mind, I want something that is lighter. hahaha 

If you are looking for a shade in this cushion or foundation but don't know which one to pick, you can go to Etude House store and they will guide you what shade suitable for you.

Texture/ Finish:
The texture is light, easily melt into the skin and doesn't look cakey. The puff spread the product very well. It doesn't feel sticky and the finish isn't dewy nor matte but in between. After 4 hours application, there's slightly fading under eyes area but the rest still in a good job. I love dewy cushion typed-finish and most of the time, I don't set my foundation or cushion with powder, so this foundation give the finish that I like. However, this cushion doesn't settle very well under dry area or bump or acne scar. After 8 hours application under Malaysia weather, this cushion work perfectly fine for me, it fade slightly but not really much.

Okay, let's try the cushion!

When you applying cushion or any sort of base makeup, make sure to dab the cushion puff all over your face instead of swiping it over. This will make your cushion adhere to the skin and to make the application more evenly. If you feel like you need more coverage, you can go in with a second layer. Always apply a thin layer to avoid looking cakey.

Here is my face with one layer of cushion. Everything seems to have been covered with one layer.

This cushion definitely has medium to high coverage, depending on how many layers you apply. If you have acne scar or bump, you might need 2 or 3 layers to conceal it. 

Lasting Power:
I had no problems with it since my skin is not having much problem and not dry, the cushion stay pretty well under Malaysia weather except under my eyes, the cushion fades a little. Plus, it lasted a good 8 hours or more than that depend on what product you use underneath to make the cushion stay long. 

The cushion doesn't have a strong scent to it. If you want me to describe it, the scent just smells like foundation. hihi

- Easy to apply
- Very comfortable to wear
- Nice coverage
- Great adherence to the skin
- Long-lasting cushion
- Variety of shades to choose from
- Affordable

- A little dry for dry skin people but can fix it.
- Slightly fade under eyes area after 4 hours application

I definitely love this cushion so much. It gives the finish that I want plus the coverage is buildable. There are so many shades to choose from either pink undertones or yellow undertones. I highly recommend this cushion for you to try. 



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