L'Oréal Paris Starlight in Paris Collection Review

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Today I'll be sharing all about L'Oreal Paris Starlight in Paris Collection.

When we think about Holiday season, we cannot forget about glitter, sparkle, bold and vivid color.  This 2018 Holiday season,  L'Oréal Paris making a comeback with their limited-edition festive makeup collection called “Starlight in Paris.”

From this collection, you can probably tell that all product in here is full of shimmer and glitter even from mascara, lipstick, and eyeshadow.

If you love sparkle and glitter, this collection definitely right up your alley.

First, let's start with  L'Oréal Paris Highlighting Drops [#01 Warm Gold] 15ml.

The product comes in a dropper glass bottle. You can clearly see the color and how much the product you use.

You can use it by mixing it with foundation or use it as a highlighter on cheekbone, brow bone and bridge of the nose.

The formula is watery, a little oily and the texture feels quite smooth and you barely feels glitter. That's great! isn't it? The color is really true gold. My first impression when I saw this is speechless. I feel excited but somehow feels is it gonna work for me? haha

So, I use this highlighter by mixing it with my foundation and it turns out pretty good. It doesn't make my foundation cakey nor feels uncomfortable. It feels like wearing a foundation. You barely see the glitter but if you look closely you can see the glitter, of course. The finish is more to dewy but with glitter touch.

Some people who don't prefer glitter might hate this. So, I don't really recommend this, only for glitter lover!

Make sure to give a great mix with foundation before you apply it on your face, or else you can see the foundation and highlighter separated and make it look uneven.

As for highlighter, I don't think this will work because it makes my foundation move. If you can see from the photos above, you can see a big spot there where my foundation slipped.

- Nice gold color
- Comes in a pretty glass bottle, which doesn't feel cheap at all.
- It feels comfortable.
- It doesn't make the foundation cakey.
- It did not feel greasy. 

- Make my foundation move.
- Might too glitter for someone who not prefers glitter as base makeup

Next up, is L'Oreal Paris Starlight in Paris Collection Eye Shadow in the shades #02 Purple Light.
The eyeshadow housed in plastic square packaging with gold printed in front with a flash of star finish. It lightweight and compact.

The color is a bit on the lighter purple side instead of true or dark purple. There is a lot of glitter and shimmer in a single pan. I really recommend you to apply this with your finger instead of a brush. It picks up the product well with fingers instead of a brush.

The formula is a bit thicker and you can feel the glitter. There is a lot of fallout, so, I really recommend you to do your eyes makeup first before applying foundation.

If you do your foundation first, you might need to moisten the eyeshadow first before apply, but still, you can see a little glitter fall on your cheeks.

The pigmentation is really pigmented. One swipe, you can see the color plus it long-lasting too.

- Pigmented
- Nice color
- Packed with lots of glitter and shimmer
- Buildable formula
- Long-lasting 

- Too much fallout
- A bit tricky for beginners.

'Next is Starlight in Paris Collection L'Oreal Paris Topcoat Mascara in #01 Gold Glitter

The packaging is too pretty with gold, black and glitter combination is too pretty.  Feeling very classy yet elegant. 

The mascara applicator comes in straight screw brush. This is quite interesting because I've never seen something like this before. The applicator also picks the right amount of product and easy to use.

The mascara topcoat color is gold with a bunch of glitters inside. The formula is totally different than normal mascara which is more to wet texture and more lighter. It doesn't feel like wearing mascara and very comfortable.

Although, it looks too glitter on the applicator, but when you apply it did not look to glitter, actually. I think this is why the applicator is designed for. It did not pick up too much product but still, you can build it up by applying more. 

However, it takes time to dry. When you touch your lashes, the glitter ended up on your finger.

- The applicator allows you to control the amount of product use.
- Nice gold color.
- The formula is lightweight and comfortable
- Buildable

- Take time to dry
- Not long-lasting

Lastly,  L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Starlight in Paris Collection #488 Close At Night
The lipstick housed in a gold plastic bullet lipstick case. The star engraved on the case does make it looks merrier yet fancy feeling. In this collection, L'Oréal Paris comes out with 3 colors and I got in the shade #488 Close At Night which a very vibrant fluorescent purple.

  L'Oréal Paris Color Riche Starlight in Paris Collection #488 Close At Night

The color looks very pretty plus you got star engraved on the lipstick too. 

The texture is a bit thicker because the glitter and lipstick mixed together. When you apply or do swatches, you can feel the glitter is there but they do go on smoothly and easy to apply. They actually not really that glitter on the lips although when I looked the lipstick there's too much glitter in it. The finish is more to satin and very moisturizing on the lips.

They are so pigmented. One swatch you can see the color is there. They do transfer as the formula is satin, so re-application is needed.

- Nice purple color
- Nice packaging
- Very moisturizing
- Comfortable and easy to use
- Pigmented
- The star engraved on the lipstick make it look more attactive. 
- Goes on smoothly

- Nothing

Finish look using all product from Starlight in Paris Collection.

That's it for this review! Thanks for reading and hope you guys have a wonderful day!


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