ACONCEPT Cheek Me 03 Kiss Me Review

What it is:
A Concept Cheek Me is watery fluid type blusher, with container comes in nail polish packaging. It features a sense of color which has a feeling of watercolor permeated into cheeks and ruddy, lovely pigmentation. The oil base formula will give you a fresh feeling with a moist texture and not sticky. 

Amount of product:

Shades available:

How to use:
1. Shake the item enough before the use
2. Take the suitable amount with a soft brush applicator, apply it onto cheeks as you put a dot and gently dab to blend it.



All product comes in a box. At the back, there is Hangul and English description.

The packaging definitely reminds a lot about nail polish. The design is very unique. The bottle itself is made of glass, while the lid is plastic. At the front, there is A Concept logo and at the back, there is writing "It is not a nail polish, only for your cheek". It feels a little heavy for a single blush but still, the size is quite travel-friendly. The glass bottle is sturdy which means it will not easily break, however, the lid seems a bit loose but it will not leak. Make sure to close the lid tightly after using it.

Not only the packaging like nail polish, but the applicator also comes in nail polish applicator. The applicator comes in a plastic type with black soft brush applicator.

Color/ Pigmentation:
03 Kiss Me look very red on the packaging but it has a little mixed of orange color. They might look too bold but when you apply it on your cheeks and spread it gently, the color looks very pretty, almost like bright red coral. Also, this color suitable to use as daily. The pigmentation is definitely amazing almost like lip tint. 

This product has a liquid texture, it feels very light when applied on the skin. Make sure to shake it first before applied, so that the color and the oil mixed together. The finish is more to the natural side with a nice tinted formula, but still, it depends on how much you apply. I only use 3 or 4 dots on my cheek and I blend it using my finger. They dry pretty fast, so when you apply, you need to quickly blend it or else you will see dots mark on your cheek.  These don't make my foundation slip or whatsoever if you apply it correctly. 

I apply 3 dots on my cheeks and blend it with my finger.

and there you go! Easy as that. They look very natural but you can definitely notice the nice flush of color.

Lasting Power:
I'd give this product an average wear time of 6 hours until you might want to reapply. They last pretty long on my cheeks. 

They do have a scent to it. It has a strong rose scent. When applied on cheeks, you will not detect the scent. 

- Simple and nice packaging
- Nice color
- Long-wear time
- Pigmented
- Gives a natural cheek blush look
- Light blush texture

- No ingredients
- Need to blend it quickly



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