Canmake Cream Cheek Tint 01 Review

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be sharing all about Canmake Cream Cheek Tint in the shades [01] Fresh Pop Melon. If you are my reader you know I really like Canmake product!hahaha. OK let's start the review.
What it is:
- For soft, dewy, gently flushed cheeks
- Cheek tint with staying power
Cheeks with a dewy, nude-look sheen
● Luscious oils melt into the skin, creating lustrous cheeks that look as natural as bare skin.
● Tints cheeks with a soft flush that seems to come from within
Long-lasting tinted formulation
● Color gradually infuses your cheeks as time goes by. Color stays beautiful and fresh for hours on end
With a handy sponge to keeps hands clean
● Comes with a soft, smooth sponge to ensures clean hands and flawlessly pretty cheeks.
Amount of product:
Made in:
Shades available:
How to use:
Apply an adequate amount to the sponge and tap onto the high points of your cheeks to blend in. If you use liquid foundation, apply the cheek tint on top of it, but if you use powder foundation, apply the cheek tint under it.
N/A at the moment
Product packaging:
The product was housed in a flimsy plastic packaging. The lid packaging is very thin but the bottom part looks quite sturdy for me. Underneath the cream blush, there is a tiny lonely sponge. To be honest, when I look at the product, I have no ideas that under it, there's a sponge in there. I noticed about it when the product falls from my hand.


The sponge feels soft and very marshmallow!haha
I usually apply cream blush using my fingers, maybe the use of this sponge will come after. We don't know when bad thing happen, right? lol
When you touch your product, make sure your fingers are clean!
Color/ Pigmentation:
The color looks so pretty in the pan which more to coral color with a bit orange and red color. The pigmentation is quite sheer, not really pigmented but buildable. On the cheeks, it gives me a really nice natural coral flush, just like Japanese blush looks!

When I'm using this cream blush. I like using it with my fingers but you can definitely use the sponge as well if you don't like a messy hand. The texture feels more to gel-like texture with a wet-looking blush. Since the pigmentation is quite sheer, they don't really show up well for 1 layer, I need like 3 or 4 layers with this.  Surprisingly, this does stain on my cheeks and on my fingers too, but not too crazy, though! The stain looks very natural and it blends into the skin really effortlessly but don't go too crazy with swiping motion, just give a nice dab okay! It doesn't feel tacky or wet and blended into nice subtle healthy glow cheek. Really like it!

You can see the result. Noticeable and natural.
Lasting power:
This last about 6 hours on my cheeks. It gives a slightly tinted color on my cheeks. If you have oily skin, it might last 4 hours and the tint slightly not visible.
No scent
- Natural blush look
- Sheer but buildable
- Long-lasting
- No-fragrance
- Travel-friendly and simple packaging allows you to see the color immediately
The packaging is quite flimsy.
Rating: 3/5


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