Canmake Stay-On Balm Tint (T01 & T02) Review

What it is:
''Based on the concept "What would happen if we added color to a lip balm...♥?"
● Wave goodbye to troublesome lip make-up!
● The moisturizing ability of a lip balm, the color of a lipstick, the sheen of a gloss, plus UV protection.

This single item will satisfy even the most demanding of women. 
● Super-rich oils enfold your lips like a silken robe.
● Creates a thin film that clings flexibly to your lips, for a comfortable, non-sticky feeling that lasts and lasts.

Can be apply directly, even to dry, chapped lips. 
● You'll be amazed by how smoothly it goes on, even without applying lip balm first!
● Provides solid color despite the light texture, creating irresistible lips with a natural luster.

Moisturize while wearing make-up
● Contains beautifying and moisturizing agents.
● Keeps your lips plump, soft and moist while wearing it.
Amount of product:

Made in:

● Protects against the ultraviolet rays that cause dryness, chapping and dullness.
● Contains no ultraviolet absorbers (non-chemical formulation), ensuring gentle protection for your lips.''

Shades available:
4 shades available
 [T01] Little Anemone (Long-lasting tinted type) - Bright yellow red.

 [T02] Happy Tulip (Long-lasting tinted type) - Standard glossy pink.

 [T03] Ruby Carnation (Long-lasting tinted type) - Red for casual style.

 [T04] Chocolate Lily (Long-lasting tinted type) - A translucent brownish red
How to use:
Twist out the lipcolor and apply onto lips.
Product packaging:
The first thing I noticed when I got them was that these two products have the same packaging which is in a traditional plastic twist-up tube with a shiny gold cap. The only difference was that 'CANMAKE' logo and the flower in the packaging. Both have differences in color which T01 has red color while T02 has a soft pink color. The packaging is quite light and travel-friendly.

This product has become my go-to product plus you get a lot of product inside and it can last quite long too. These balms are supposed to tint your lips with a balmier texture that will make your lips appear so juicy while moisturizing the lips. This product is suitable for all skin types as well and is great for those lazy days when you just want a little something on your lips.

At first when you apply it, it does not look like much on the lips but only just a balm. Once you let it for a while, within 1 minute the color starts to show up. TO1 looks quite red in the tube but on the lips, it gives a nice soft red color that isn't too strong. T02 is like rose pink color and when applied on the lips, the color does not really showing that much like T01 but still give a subtle youthful pink glow.
The texture of these balms is nice. They feel comfortable on the lips, not greasy and slightly tacky but highly moisturizing and stay put on the lips. with juicy feeling.

[T01] Little Anemone
[T02] Happy Tulip

Lasting power:
The balm itself last on my lips for about 2 hours before I'd have to reapply again. Although the balm disappears, the tint stays on my lips, so if you want to remove it, you should remove it with makeup remover.
This balm has scent but not strong.
- Very moisturizing
- Leave nice tint to lips
- Has UV protection
- Suitable for daily use
- Easy to apply
- Quite expensive for a lip balm


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