Belle Journee Tattoo Tint Attitude Red Review

Hello and annyeong! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Today I will review one lip product which is Belle Journee Tatoo Tint.  If you like tint product than you should read this. I hope this post can help you guys if you are decided to buy or looking for this product.

What it is:
The concept is to make your makeup easier and also to minimize your makeup time especially for modern women who always in rushing. Also, this product claims to make your lipstick last longer.

Amount of product:
3.5 ml

Made in:
Made in Korea

Shades available:

You can actually get them in a box or in single lip tint. The clear one is top coat.

How to use:
You actually can use this product in a couple of ways.  We all know tint is made for gradation lip look, even to this day.  Just give a gentle dab a little in the center of your lips and blend it to get the baby lips looks.  Simple as that!

Second method is to apply it all over your lips but not precisely at the corners of your lips.  You can use any makeup sponges, or Q-tip or just your fingers and blend it out, only the outer edges to create that gradient lips look. Natural and easy!

Another method is just apply the tint all over the lips and make sure to lining the edges precisely. This traditional way will make your lips look more juicy and pop!

Last method is for someone who did not like juicy or glossy lip look. If you like matte lipstick, you can always take a tissue and gently dab it or you can use powder on a brush and lightly powder your lips.  

When you first receive this product, you get it in a matte cardboard packaging with the coordinating colored sticker at the bottom. 

The tint comes in a transparent plastic tube with a black cap. Basically, the packaging is simple and very roadshop makeup.

Twisting off the cap, you will see the wand. The doe foot applicator is super plain and straight. Nothing interesting. For me, I like the tear drop doe foot applicator more.


When comes to tint lip makeup, you definitely know how pigmented it is. This product is so pigmented and the color is actually pure red color. Very summery color!

The texture is runny almost watery. It doesn't feel super heavy, nor sticky. However, it does feel dry, if wearing too long. The wear time is definitely longer, like forever. This product does have a scent to it. My best describes is they smell like a rose but not too strong and wearable.



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