Celimax Jiwoogae Heartleaf BHA Peeling Pad Review

Hello everyone! Hope you guys have a wonderful day! Today I have another product to review for you guys and it's from Celimax which are from Korean brands.

Celimax actually emails me and asked if I would like to try their products so since I haven't heard about this brand before, so I'm intrigued to try them. Plus, I heard they are actually new brands, well, maybe not a new brand in Korea but for global maybe new brands. They send a couple of product to try but I decided to do a separate review. I will blog more about their product on my next post, so please wait.  So let’s put this product into a test!  Leggoh~~

Full name of product:
Celimax Jiwoogae Heartleaf BHA Peeling Pad

What it is:
Celimax Heartleaf BHA peeling pad contains heartleaf extract for pore cleaning & trouble care and solves multiple skin problems with a single pad. 

FAST, CONVENIENT, BUT EFFECTIVE EXFOLIATOR: You can bring it anywhere, use it anytime, and there is no need to wash it off. This leave-on exfoliator enhances your pore condition and smoothen your skin texture with few swipes of the pad. Embossing and gauze on each side of the pad, you can wipe the entire face without irritation, and also intensively take care your nose, chin, ears, and your whole body!

KICKS OUT KERATIN AND SEBUM HARD: Pad is soaked with the toner which includes BHA and Tea tree oil. With gentle swipes around your face, it can remove dead skin cells and sebum, making your skin stay healthy and smooth.

ENHANCED ABSORPTION: Old keratin stands between your skin and your skin care products like ample or essence, lowering the effectiveness. Also, they are one of the main reasons for flack makeup. Gentle swipes with Jiwoogae Peeling pad would remove that obstacle on your skin, and enhance your skincare products and makeups.

RELIEVES SKIN TROUBLES: Houttuynia Cordata, known as Heartleaf, is a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient and also helps skin reproduction. Cleansing and soothing the pore is an excellent way to prevent skin trouble.

HIGH EFFECT, LOW IRRITATION: Physical exfoliator works, but it works only on the surface of your skin and may damages it while harsh rubbing. The chemical exfoliator is gentle and does work inside the pore, but effective dosage has chance to literally burn your skin. Our BHA pad has only a good side from both. Not only it works inside the pore effectively, but also gentle enough to use daily.

Amount of product:
125ml (60pcs)


Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

5 Key Ingredients:
- BHA : Exfoliator that works on both surface and inside the pore. Suitable for sensitive skin, Oil soluble.
- Heart Leaf Herb : Houttuynia cordata. Strong anti-inflammatory and also excellent at skin reproduction
- Tea Tree Oil : Also a strong anti-inflammatory that cleans the pore
- Sodium Hyaluronate : Very effective Hydrator like Hyaluronic Acid, but effects better because of smaller molecular size
- Madecassoside : A.K.A Tiger Grass. Powerful natural antioxidant

How to use:
1. After cleansing, wipe gently according to skin texture outwards
with embossing side of pad over the dry face and neck.
2. For best results, re-wipe with smooth side of pad.
3. After using peeling pad, following basic skin care items.
Use two times per week or as necessary.

*In the morning, put sunscreen after the use. Your skin gets vulnerable to sunlight after exfoliation. Recommend to use it at night :)
* Gauze side is rough, so check before use.

Packaging of these pads comes in a simple jar that also came in a cute plus simple cardboard box. The lid colour is my favourite colour. I like purple lol.  I really do appreciate that the teams put English sticker for ingredients and instructions for the global purchaser. Inside the jar, there is 60 peeling pad that is fully soaked with essence. 

The interesting part about this peeling pad is they are actually quite different than other normal peeling pad. Of course, to be compared with Cosrx, this one is a bit special for me. I was expecting that the pad to feel the same as Cosrx, but it was actually different. Cosrx had one side of the pad is soft and another side is rough(not too rough, milder actually) but for Celimax, the pad which is the rough side, the gauze side is much more satisfying than the Cosrx.  For Cosrx, I don't find they actually exfoliate but Celimax one, it really does the job in term of exfoliating because the gauze side is more prominent.

This product doesn’t really have a fragrance but this one has a slight citrus scent.  It’s super faint and barely there and definitely not a something that would make your nose irritated or uncomfortable.

After cleansing, I swipe the soft cotton side all over my face.

Next, I use the gauze side which is the rough side on my nose and my chin to exfoliate. 

The last step is I give my face a gentle massage and I'm ready to apply sunscreen. How convenient is that!

*I also use the pad for my neck, knee and elbow too.

- super hydrating
- easy and convenient to use
- pads stay moist with the essence
- very effective especially in exfoliating



Overall thought:
Seriously this peeling pad is definitely my alley. Right after when I swipe the pad onto the skin, immediately I can see my skin looking a lot more glowy and skin feels moisturized and feels a lot cleaner. After giving a gentle message and let the essence soaked into the skin, the skin doesn’t feel greasy nor irritate my skin at all. Another thing, I also noticed the pads themselves, the material of them retain the essence so well which means you get enough amount of essence in a single pad. Overall, I absolutely love this product.


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