Purple eye makeup is one of the versatile and universal looks that can easily go from day to night, from a wedding party to the dinner party. Match the color with glitter and dark color and you'll get a smoldering makeup look that will make you the queen of the night. This deep purple eye makeup tutorial will help you get ready for any summer party, so get your makeup tools and follow the steps that I prepared from you below! Enjoy!

Step 1: Apply bright purple color around the crease area and make sure to blend the color well because we don't want to see any line.

Step 2: Take your favorite concealer and draw at the crease area with concealer

Step 3: Apply purple glitter around the crease area which you draw with concealer before.

Step 4: Take dark purple color and apply at the outer corner of the eyes and make sure to blend it well.

Step 4: Here I use liquid lipstick from Sephora Collection which is a beautiful lilac color and I just start lines my crease.

Step 5: Take bright purple and apply at your lower lashline. 

Step 6: Take a black pencil eyeliner and line your waterline.

Step 6: Take black eyeliner and do winged eyeliner.

Step 7: Apply your favorite false lashes and then apply mascara.

Step 8: Don't forget to highlight the inner corner as well. 

Complete looks

Do you guys want to see more step by step makeup tutorials like this? Tell me in the comments!


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