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If you are fans of matte lipstick, then you should stick here until the end of this post. hehe. Today, I will review Korean brands which are WAKEMAKE. They have so many makeup products and today I will review their WAKEMAKE Lip Paint Flat. I am an active user on Instagram Korean makeup community, so, I see a lot of Korean beauty bloggers reviewing this, so I've been eyeing them for a very long time. Finally, I'd managed to grab some of them. So let’s get on with the review and swatches~yeah!

Full name of product:

Description of product:
“- Thin textures are light and comfortable to the lips. 
- Slim fitting.
- It dries quickly, is not easily erased, and vivid color lasts for a long time.
- Contains sunflower seed oil to prevent dryness.
-The sophisticated slim tip makes fine makeup possible.”

Amount of product:
5.5 g

Country of Manufacture:
Made in Korea

Shades available:
They have 5 shades but I will review two color
How to Use 
Take a moderate amount with the tip and evenly apply to lips from inside to outside.

Will be updated later

Product packaging:
Packaging for these kinds of reminds me of 3CE Velvet Lip Tint for some reason.  It's slimmer, sturdy packaging and quite thin than any other lip paint. I actually like this kind of packaging. Plus, the tube itself clearly showed the color which is great since I would be able to tell what shade I am grabbing when placed in my vanity.
At the back, there is the number and the shade's name. Overall, I like the shiny feel of the finish and the simplicity of it looks good – it doesn’t look high end, but it also doesn’t look cheap. The quality is pretty good and I have no complaints.

The applicator itself has an extra-long slanted applicator, not like typical-standard applicator. I like this kind of applicator because it provides the perfect balance between liner and lipstick, so the application is more precise and easy to wear.

Color/ Pigmentation/ Texture:
I’m actually quite impressed when I saw they also come out with brown shades (definitely the shades that I need to grab). Too bad, in this lip paint flat line, they only have 5 shades (I wish there are more). But, for original lip paint version, there are 10 shades but with different texture and finish and they also have the mini-sized lip paint too. All shades are quite trendy and wearable, so I'd find they are quite beyond the expectation.

03 FLAT TULIP*:  Warm tone pink tulip shade

For me, these shades are more to dry rose color but with slightly pink tones. They look is quite deep when swatches but on the lips, this looks pretty much lighter color and definitely a shade that matches my yellow undertone well. 

This shade has a slightly thinner formulation which makes it a lot easier to apply. After it has completely set, it turns into a nice matte finish with comfortable feeling on the lips and doesn’t feel like the hydration is getting sucked out. The appearance my lip wrinkles look kind of pretty. does that make sense?

Next shade is the shade somehow very peculiar when it has in Korean matte lipstick. 
05 FLAT CINNAMON* : Cinnamon color with red tone. 

In the tube, this shade looks like it would be a dark chocolate brown, a shade I personally would never wear since it looks a little too dark for my taste.  Luckily, on the lips, this shade actually is quite lighter, very cinnamon color and has a red tone in it which is quite wearable.

Formulation-wise and on fleek along with the previous shades. Very smooth and velvety. It has the best formulation that is easy to apply.  Again, this shade kind of accentuate my lines however, it is definitely not as bad as some other matte lip I've tried before.

Lasting power:
 If you are eating, especially anything that is oily, these will slightly fade around the inner part of the lips. Once these have set on the lips, they do not transfer at all and are truly matte looking finish but still comfortable on the lips. Thanks to the formula.

- Long lasting
- Great pigmentation
- Colour-coded tube
- Soft and easy to blend out
- Slightly hydrating while having the matte look

- nothing at the moment



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